Baby Shower Themes

A baby shower themes website with an added twist, yep, not only will you find lots of fun party themes to choose from here, you will also unearth some hidden treasures here too.

Free Printable Baby Shower Ideas

So what treasures will you discover, well, I'm glad you asked.

As you wander through the varies themed pages you will find a gigantic selection of free printables attached to each theme.

Yep, from free baby shower games thru to baby shower poems and wording ideas, invitations, menu templates, banners, budget planners, thank you poems and more. And hey, they can all be printed out too. How great is that.

So are we ready to take a whirl, then follow me down the page to find the best baby shower ideas around. Hope you like them.


Baby Shower Themes

The starting point of any shower just has to be the theme. Yep, once the theme has been decided you can then spread your wings and start to build your party from the ground up.

Nearly all baby shower themes have matching everything these days. So you can add in as much or as little as you want, it really doesn't matter, as long as you have fun building and creating your theme of choice.

We've put together some fun theme ideas here for you. Have a scan through them, you will find plenty of options to choose from. Don't forget, you can take the free printables to use for your party day too. Enjoy


Jungle Safari Shower Theme Sports babyshower themes Noahs Ark baby shower theme Ideas


Boy BabyShower Theme Ducky baby shower themes Girl Themed Baby Shower


For more baby shower themes just follow this themes link here. We offer 20 adorable baby shower themes for you to choose from. You'll also find a superb range of holiday baby shower party themes here too.


Baby Shower Printables You Like The Best

Free Baby Shower Games



Baby Shower Bingo Games

Racing up to top position is the free baby shower bingo game cards we have on the site. The fun to play games offer 20 pre-filled game boards along with one blank template, bingo markers and full instructions on how to play.


Girl Baby Shower Bingo Cards Neutral Baby Shower Bingo Cards Boy Baby Shower Bingo Cards


The free games have been designed using various color schemes, you will find blue bingo cards for boys, pink for girls and light purple for neutral themed shower parties.



Baby Shower Gift Bingo

This two in one bingo game is a big hit with the baby shower visitors to the site. This special edition offers 20 pre-filled bingo cards, one blank template, bingo markers, how to play instructions and a bingo master copy too.


Baby Shower Gift Bingo Gift Bingo Words Gift Bingo Template


The baby shower gift bingo game can be played as the traditional gift bingo game, alternatively, you can use the master copy bingo sheet included in the download file.

The master sheet contains all the words on the bingo cards. Simply cut up the master sheet and place each word into a bag. You can then play the bingo game by drawing each word out of the bag and calling it out.



Blank Baby Shower Bingo Cards

The blank baby shower bingo cards are brand new to the site but they are already scoring high in the free printables you like the best.

This awesome range offers over 17 free printable baby shower bingo templates for you to use and the collection is still being added to.


Baby Boy Baby Shower Bingo Templates Girl Duck Baby Shower Bingo Templates Noahs Ark Themed Baby Shower Bingo Templates


You will find baby boy and girl bingo templates, all with different theme variations, from diaper and jungle thru to footprint, under the sea and ducky themed templates. Alternatively, you may like the Noah's Ark bingo templates, it's a baby templates, sporty templates and coed themed bingo templates too.



Free Baby Shower Jungle Games

Jungle Games 1

The jungle visitors to the site really do go ape over the jungle themed shower games we have put together here.

This top notch page will have you swinging thru those jungle trees in no time at all. From Name That Baby and How Long Does it Take, your jungle party guests are sure to have a really wild time with the jungle themed party games on offer here.


Name The Baby Jungle Game Printable Jungle Baby Shower Game


Jungle Games 2

But hey, not only do the jungle tribe love these games, they also rank our second helping of jungle themed games high too.

Yep, the free baby shower games here will have you jungle jumping to the top of those vine leaves in a flash.

This breath-taking page offers no less then 20 free printable jungle baby shower games for you to play.


Jungle Baby Shower Raffle Tickets


Jungle Baby Shower A-Z Animal Match Game Jungle Baby Shower Sudoku Game Jungle Baby Shower Word Search


From three types of unique jungle fun sudoku games, raffle tickets, bingo games, crosswords, animal match games, animal game group games, jungle language games along with game templates, jungle draw games, word search games and more.

Many of the free baby shower game ideas we have created are totally unique to the babyshower-simplicity website.



Boy Baby Shower Games

The little boy themed party games have also sky rocketed to the top of the free printables you like the best.

This fun selection offers a variety free baby shower games that can be printed off and used for your baby shower themes party day.


Boy Name That Toy Game Boy Baby Shower Word Search Boy Name Game Race Game


You will find a baby boy name game race game, a name that toy game and a baby boy word search puzzle game too. All the babyshower games are easy to print and lots of fun to play too.



Girl Baby Shower Games

And hey, the girls are at the top of the list too.

Yep, these fun to play party games are fun, fun, fun all the way through.


Girl Name Game Race Game Girl Word Scramble Game


From a quick fire baby girl name game race game thru to a baby girl word scramble game too. Your party guests are sure to have a great time playing the free printable baby shower games "Right Here". Be warned though, things may get a little bit frantic as they try to race against each other to be the first win the game.



Baby Shower Thank You Wording Poems


Thank You's From Baby

These little beauties are sure to make your baby shower party guests smile.

The thank you poems from baby have all been re-designed and are proving to be a huge success with the baby shower visitors to the site.

All the baby shower thank you wording poems can be taken straight from screen, alternatively, you can now print them all off too.


Thank You Poem From Baby Boy Thank You Poem From Baby Thank You Poem From Baby Girl


Yep, this stunning range offers a fabulous selection of themed templates for you to choose from. You will find three sets of poem templates to pick from for each poem.

Each individual poem offers a baby boy, girl and neutral themed template.

All the templates have been updated with great new graphics, you will find baby ducks, diapers, storks, baby carriages, pacifiers, little footprints and more.



Free Printable Baby Shower Invitations


Jungle and Ducky Themed Invitation Sets

This awesome range of free printable baby shower invitations have also made it into the top rankings too. Yes, you really do love these little fellows.

The free invites here are super special, not only will you find invitations you will also discover that all the invitation designs come with matching blank templates too.


Girl Jungle Themed Baby Shower Invitation
For More Jungle Fun
Swing Thru Here.
Boy Ducky Baby Shower Invitation
For More Ducky Fun
Waddle Thru Here.


Yep, the blank themed templates are great to use as baby shower thank you notes. The designs on the templates match the invitations perfectly, so you can run your shower themed stationery from start to finish and all for free too. How great is that.

You will find baby boy, girl and neutral themed baby shower invitation sets throughout the jungle and ducky themed stationery sets above.




Want to leave a note in the facebook comments box below. It would great to know what you thought about the baby shower themes here, you may have enjoyed all the free printables here too. If you did, just pop a message in the box below, it's always great to get feedback from our visitors to the site.

Hope your baby shower themes party day is a great success.

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