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Baby Boy Poems – 1
Blues and greens, Whites and Yellow,
All these are made for a tiny, little fellow.

A small little angel, a cute little boy,
As sweet and cuddly as a baby toy.

We are having a shower promptly at seven
To welcome this new little bundle from heaven.





Baby Boy Poems – 2
A bun is in the oven and it’s almost ready,
The color is baby boy blue.

Mom and Dad are thrilled, their nerves are still steady,
And the siblings are happy too.

Another boy is coming, oh what fun,
This family is adding another new son.





Baby Boy Poems – 3
The birth of a baby is full of happiness and joy
And this time the little one is a brand new boy.

We are having a shower for Mom and son
And we want you to be there from 11 until 1.

The colors for the party are blue and yellow
Which are both quite perfect for a tiny little fellow.





Baby Boy Poems – 4
It’s a baby shower and we want to make it great
The time for this party will be from 5 until 8.

We know it’s a boy and what fun we have had
Getting things ready for this little lad.

The parents are excited about their first little one
Please come and help them welcome a precious new son.





Baby Boy Poems – 5
Little boys are full of fun,
They laugh and climb and stay on the run.

These parents are new and they just don’t know
That this new baby boy will keep them on their toes.

Wonders and joy are waiting ahead
From the moment they place him in his cute little bed.

Long hours of sleep are about to end soon
And will be replaced with stories about the man in the moon.

A baby shower will take place Sunday at 2
Come share in the fun, and bring a gift wrapped in blue.





Baby Boy Shower Poems – 6
Boy child, girl child – which one shall it be,
Mom has just announced that it’s a boy baby.

This means toys and clothes in soft blues or green,
Will be perfect, for this babe yet unseen.

We’re planning a shower for her and her son,
And we want you to come and share in the fun.





Baby Boy Poems – 7
A new baby boy will soon appear,
And his parents are so happy they are ready to cheer.

They are fixing a nursery where baby can rest
And we want to help them give this new arrival the best.

There’s a baby boy shower that starts at 5,
And we hope that you will be the first to arrive.

Wrap your gift in green, blue or yellow,
To mark the birth of a brand new little fellow.





Baby Boy Poems – 8
It’s time to share the love and joy
There’s soon to be a brand new boy.

The shower is set from 12 till 3
Let’s all bring gifts for her new baby.

No guessing needed because we know
To tie these gifts with a big blue bow.





Baby Boy Poems – 9
Baby boys are lots of fun
The parents are anxious to see their little son.

This little one will soon arrive
And we will have the shower promptly at 5.

Let’s make their dreams and wishes come true
By bringing a gift that’s green or blue.



Printable Baby Shower Boy Poems



Baby Boy Poems – 10
This Baby shower is using colors of blue
And this is meant as a very big clue.

The new one that will soon be here,
Is a baby boy, so let’s all give a cheer!

For Mom it’s a son, For little sister it’s a brother,
Please come to the shower and share the joy with one another.





Baby Boy Shower Poems – 11
A teddy bear in blue or green
Will welcome this baby boy yet unseen.

Little onesies, a shiny toy
So many gift choices for this little boy.

What Mom wants most is to spend time with you
So make sure that you come to her shower at 2.





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