Looking for baby boy shower ideas, then this fun packed page offers a superb collection of free printables that you could use for your boy themed baby shower party day.

The free printable collections include beautifully designed baby boy shower invitations, fun to play boy themed party games, a full page of printable baby boy poems and wording ideas along with baby boy themed menu templates and printable baby shower banner letters to.

Along with the free printables above, you will also find a stunning range of personalized baby shower invitations and some great ideas for baby boy decorations to.

I really hope you find the baby boy shower ideas here useful. And don’t forget, you can print out as many games, invitations, poems, menu templates, wording ideas and banners as you like. All the collections are completely free for you to use. Enjoy.

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For a great way to introduce your baby boy shower theme to all your guests. We have put together a wonderful range of personalized baby boy shower invitation cards that you may like to use for your party day.

See Examples Below.


The invitations offer a wide selection of theme ideas for you to choose from. You will find bath time boy cards, woodland animals, little monkey and stork cards along with nautical, teddy and even chalkboard baby shower invitation cards to.


Want to take a look at the free printables we offer here. Then this superb collection of baby boy shower invitation templates will really impress your party guests. This stunning range is brand new. You will find adorable baby boy artwork throughout each and every template offered.

See Examples Below.


The invitation templates have been expanded to. Instead of just four invitations you will now find eight themed templates for you to choose from. You could select a variety of invitation templates to use for your party day.

This would be fun to do as your party guests would receive the same invitation details in the mail but all placed on different design templates instead. Hope you like them.


Want a poem or two, then this baby boy poems page may just come in handy for your baby shower party day. It’s full to the brim with free printable baby boy invitation poems that you may like to use for your party day.

See Examples Below.


But that’s not all, this poems page has been re-vamped. The new page now offers a great selection of baby boy themed poem templates for you to choose from.

You will find three new template designs for every poem on the page. Just select the poem you want to use and click on the template you like the best. You will then be able to view the poems template on screen, if you like it, print away. How easy is that.


Not only will you find boy themed poems here, you will also discover a fun selection of free printable baby boy wording ideas here to. All the wording poems have been totally updated with brand new design templates.

See Examples Below.


For every wording poem you will now find two templates to select from. All the templates offer adorable baby boy artwork and can be printed out immediately for your baby boy themed party day.


Looking for some more baby boy shower ideas, then this superb selection of free printable baby boy menu templates may just do the trick. You will find six fun designs to choose from “Right Here”.

See Examples Below.

From colorful train themed menus, baby boy pacifier and carriage menus as well as wild jungle animals and baby boy stork menu templates too. Yep, all the templates have been designed with little boys in mind.

Why not swing on over and take a look, I’m sure you’ll love this wonderful selection we have put together here for you.


Decorating for a baby boy shower theme can be a whole lot of fun too. Wondering how you should decorate to make the theme come together?

Well, using blue as the primary color for your decorations is definitely a great idea. However, you can use other colors to make the blue stand out.

See Examples Below.


Decorate with fun toys, such as toy trucks, construction toys, and wooden blocks as well. You can use balloons, pom poms and confetti for decorations in various shades of blue.

Find a nice banner saying It’s A Boy to use for decoration as well. Adding paper products in blue will also compliment the theme. Just in case you’re stuck for ideas, why not take a look at this wonderful selection of boy baby decoration ideas here.


Along with the decoration ideas above, you may like to use this free printable baby boy themed banner too.

The banner offers all the letters you need to create a banner that says BABY BOY SHOWER or BOY BABY SHOWER, which ever you prefer.

All the letters can be can be viewed full screen before you commit to printing any out.

Each letter states how many times the letter needs to be printed out in order to create your homemade banner.

The banner letters are quick and easy to print and look great once strung together.


For a fun packed party day you may like to use a selection of the free printable babyshower games we have created here for you.

The game templates are brand new. You will now find that each game offers three game templates for you to choose from, instead of just one.

See Examples Below.

The games collection includes baby boy name that toy game, baby boy name game race, baby boy word search puzzles, baby boy bingo games and blank baby shower bingo card templates to. Hope you have fun with them.

Pull all of these free baby boy shower ideas together and you are sure to have a wonderful baby shower day. Just remember, the most important part is having a great time. With great laughs, tasty food, and some fun activities, your boy baby shower theme is sure to be a blast for everyone.