Baby Footprints Baby Shower Theme

Create a stunning baby footprints shower theme with this adorable selection of footprint baby shower party theme ideas. Yes, the foot print babyshower squad have been at it again, they’ve been on a mission to find the most adorable foot print themed shower products for your babyshower day.

Did they disappoint, oh no, just look at what they’ve found, yes, your foot print baby shower theme will have the cutest baby feet around.

From party favor boxes, personalized banners, labels, stickers, placemats, name tags and more, yes, these little feet will come a tip toeing to your front door. Whoops, getting a little carried away, but hey, who can blame me, it’s one of the cutest themes of all.

Footprint Baby Shower Ideas

Banner – Baby Feet Blue Personalized BabyShower Banner

Price: 19.99

Baby Feet Blue – Set of 8 Personalized BabyShower Name Tag Stickers

Price: 5.99

Baby Feet Blue Wrapper – Personalized Candy Bar Wrapper BabyShower Favors

Price: 0.99

Baby Feet Pink – Set of 8 Personalized BabyShower Name Tag Stickers

Price: 5.99
Baby Feet Favor Baskets
“Footprints” Baby Feet Favor Basket

Price: 1.29

Baby Feet Blue – Personalized BabyShower Favor Boxes 

Price: 1.49

Baby Feet Blue – Personalized BabyShower Placemats

Price: 0.89

Baby Feet Pink – Personalized BabyShower Favor Boxes

Price: 1.49

Baby Footpints Pink – Personalized BabyShower Placemats

Price: 0.89

Baby Feet Blue – Personalized BabyShower Sticker Labels – 24 ct 

Price: 5.99

Baby Feet Pink – Personalized BabyShower Banners 

Price: 19.99

Baby Feet Pink – Personalized BabyShower Tags – 20 ct

Price: 5.99



Footprint BabyShower Ribbon

Footprint Baby Shower Ribbon

Enjoying the theme, if you are you’re sure to love the footprint themed ribbon here too.

The baby shower favor ribbon comes in blue or pink and is superb for adding that extra finishing touch to your footprint baby shower favors.

Why not pitter patter across and take a look, I know, the foot print shower team just can’t help themselves, but hey, this theme is exceptionally cute, wouldn’t you say.



Footprint Invitations

Need a rest, are those feet a little sore, no come on, let’s go and see what else this footprint shower theme has in store.

This footprint squad is out to impress. Yes, not only have they discovered the cutest baby footprints ever, they’ve also created this awesome range of baby footprint invitation (s) too.

Girl Footprint Baby Shower Invitation Neutral Footprint Baby Shower Invitation Boy Footprint Baby Shower Invitation

And yep, all the baby shower footprint invitations here are totally free for you to print out and use for your footprint themed baby shower day.



Footprint Baby Shower Invitation Sets

But hold up a minute, this foot print team can do better then that. See the footprint baby invitation sets here, well what can I say. Yes, the foot print theme invitation sets are simply stunning and are you ready for it, they are all free for you to print off and use for your shower themed party day. How about that.


Footprint Themed Invites

Girl Footprint BabyShower Invitation Boy Footprint Themed Shower Invitation Neutral Footprint Themed BabyShower Invitation



Footprint BabyShower Poems

Footprint Baby Shower Poems

Now the babyshower team just can’t wait, for what, I hear you ask.

Baby footprint poems, but hey, the footprint poems are no ordinary poems, that little footprint template over there, well all the baby shower poems here have been set on this adorable themed template and can be printed off too, all for free. How fantastic it that.

Oh my goodness, I don’t know about your feet, but mine are aching from all this walking from page to page, I sure wish this footprint team would just chill awhile. Just joking.

Hope you have fun with the footprint baby shower ideas
and have a fantastic baby shower day.