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Girl Baby Shower Poems – 1
It is so very exciting,
We’re picking out dresses and bows

and we are busy inviting,
Everyone (mommy’s name) knows,

The baby will be here any day,
And we’re celebrating in a big way!





Baby Girl Poems – 2
It’s amazing how fast nine months goes by,
And that is the reason why,

It will soon be time to count fingers and toes,
And giggle at the baby’s cute button nose,

We’re having a party to celebrate,
A baby girl who is sure to be great!





Girl Baby Shower Poems – 3
A baby girl will soon be here,
The end of the pregnancy is drawing near,

So put on your party hat and shoes,
And help us celebrate the great news!





Baby Girl Poems – 4
Bottles and binkies and a cute teddy bear,
Pink frilly dresses and bows for her hair,

It will soon be that moment we’ve been waiting for,
When the (family name) will welcome one more.





Girl Baby Shower Poems – 5
The mommy to be is so very excited,
The time is almost here,
So you are cordially invited,
To share in the good cheer,

So come and show your love,
For the girl that’s on her way,
This blessing from above,
Will be here any day.





Girl Baby Shower Poems – 6
I’m having a party for my best friend,
Cause her pregnancy is reaching it’s end,
She’s as thrilled as can be,
To be having a little girl baby.



Baby Shower Poems For Girls



Baby Girl Poems – 7
There’s a new baby girl on the way,
So we are celebrating the special day,
A garden party in my backyard,
No need for a present just bring a card.





Girl Baby Shower Poems – 8
My sister’s having a baby any day,
So come celebrate in a special way,

We’re making a scrapbook to show we care,
Of my sister’s life before baby was there.

Send me the story that you’d most love,
To someday share with this child from above.





Girl Baby Shower Poems – 9
The stork is already on it’s way,
The baby will be here any day,

We know she couldn’t possibly be loved more,
She has been prayed and waited for,

The time is finally almost here,
So come join in the family cheer.





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