Want to rustle up some tasty baby shower appetizers for your baby shower crowd. Then jump into our baby shower recipe cookbook where you’re sure to find the perfect baby shower food recipes for your baby shower day.

This great selection of baby shower foods will really impress your guests, but watch out; this mouth watering range will be gone in a flash.

Now as we know, following along with a recipe is so much easier when you have the recipe to hand, so not only will you see the baby shower appetizer recipes on screen, you can now download your favorite recipes and print them off.

Hey, I just had a light bulb moment. You could add the recipe sheet to a baby keepsake folder for the parents-to-be; this could be one of many items you include from the baby shower day.

To print the baby recipes out simply click on the link underneath the recipe you would like to use and the recipe card will open up in a new browser window for you, from here you can print the recipe off. I really hope you enjoy the selection we have put together here.



You can also present this delicious selection of chicken skewers and satay sauce dippers on a food platter, if you like. Simply arrange the chicken skewers and sauce dip on the platter, add in some lettuce, tomatoes and cucumber to add to the overall presentation of the dish.

When ready to serve place the baby shower finger foods on your baby shower table and simply let your baby shower guests help themselves. Totally yummy.



For a fancy twist you could pipe the mixture back into the egg whites, try to swirl as you go, this will create a fabulous swirling effect on top of the mixture. Alternatively, spoon the mixture back in and gently use a fork to create this swirling effect on top of your baby shower appetizers.




Fruity Dipping Sauce Recipe

You could add additional fruity dips to tantalize the taste buds of your baby shower guests. Why not try this tasty baby shower food dip too.


  • 1 cup sour cream
  • 1 cup whipped cream
  • 1/2 cup real maple syrup


Mix all the ingredients together, place in the refrigerator for 4 hours and serve with your fruity baby shower food platter. How easy is that.


If you have enjoyed the baby shower appetizers here, you may also like to try this delicious selection of baby shower finger foods here too. The baby shower food recipes are completely free for you to print out and use for your baby shower party day. Hope you like them.


This yummy selection makes 12 savory muffins and are superb little baby shower buffet fillers, can be eaten hot or cold. Simply click on this cheese and courgette muffin link and the baby shower recipe will open up in a new browser window for you; you can now view and print the recipe off.


Makes 12 individual servings

Cornbread can be used with so many different foods, it’s great with cheese and pickles, on it’s own with butter or with delicious tasty soups. This great baby shower recipe can be served hot or cold.

To view and print the recipe off, just click on the baby shower appetizers cornbread link here and the recipe will open up in a new browser window for you.

I hope you have a great time creating the baby shower appetizers here, don’t forget, you can print all the baby shower food ideas off too. This is a quick, easy and useful way to prepare your baby shower food recipes of choice. Have a marvelous day.

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Want some more great ideas, then this superb selection of free printable baby shower food menu templates may just come in handy for your baby shower party day. Yes, this jam packed page offers a fantastic selection of menu templates for you to choose from.

You will find ducky themed menu templates for baby boys, girls and neutral themed menu templates too. How about some jungle fun, yep, you’re sure to love this jungle adventure, the menu templates are wild and funky and offer an abundance of jungle themed animals throughout.

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See Examples Below.

Under The Sea Baby Shower Menu Templates Boy Jungle Baby Shower Menu Templates

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