Baby Shower Diaper Cake Theme

This baby shower diaper cake theme will have you all diapered out in no time at all.

Ducky Diaper Cake

Yes, it’s packed full of diaper baby shower ideas and tips, not to mention all the great freebies you can pick up along the way.

Not sure what a diaper theme is? Well this superb theme is ideal for first time moms and sprinkle showers too.

Instead of purchasing big items you would concentrate more on baby essentials, such as creams, lotions, wipes, diapers, baby outfits, baby baths and so on.

The diaper party theme will have mom and baby kitted out with all those baby essential bits and bobs in no time at all.

Ready to take a whirl, great, lets get diapering.


Diaper Baby Shower Ideas


Baby Shower Invitations

Diaper Baby Shower Invitations

Diaper invitations are the way to go if you are planning a diaper themed baby shower party.

The invitations will set your theme up right from the start.

However, you definitely need to carefully word the diaper invitation cards. Communicate within the invitation what kind of shower you are having so those invited will know to bring gifts that are essentials.

It can be nice to provide a gift registry or even a list of essentials to help guests pick out appropriate gifts for the shower.



Free BabyShower Invitations

But hey, this baby shower diaper cake theme can do much better then this.

Yes, you will also find three printable diaper shower invitations right here too.

The invitations include, it’s a boy, it’s a girl and neutral themed baby shower invitations too.

But hold up a minute, all the invitation cards here are absolutely free for you to print off and use for your baby shower diaper cake themed party day. Hope you like them.


BabyShower Invites

It's A Baby Diaper Shower Invitation Boy Themed Diaper Invitation

Take A Look – Themed Shower Invitations.



Free Diaper Themed Poems

Diaper Cake Poems

Now if you want a diaper cake poem with all the bells and whistles added on, check these little beauties out. I can assure you they won’t disappoint.

This fantastic selection really adds a diaper twist, yes, not only can you read the poems on screen, you can print them out too. How cool is that.

All the diaperlicious poems here are totally free for you to print off and use for your baby shower diaper cake themed party day.



Baby Shower Diaper Cakes

Diaper Cake Ideas

A diaper party and diaper cakes really do go hand in hand.

The diaper cake includes lots of baby essentials bits and bobs and makes the perfect baby shower gift for the parent-to-be.

This superb gift is ideal for a baby shower diaper cake themed party and looks fabulous as a baby shower centerpiece too.

Take a look at the baby shower diaper cake ideas here, you will find lots of variety to choose from.

Yes, we have stork diaper cakes, ducky, all star cakes, angel cakes and jungle cakes to name but a few.



Fun Baby Shower Games

Of course, a baby shower can’t go without some great activities and games. Here are a few great ideas that you can use.


Diaper the Baby Doll

This is a fun game and is sure to bring lots of laughs. You need some diapers and a baby doll. Have everyone diaper the baby doll as fast as they can. Time everyone. See who can do the best job in the least amount of time.


Guess the Diapers

When you make or purchase the diaper baby shower cake count the diapers that you use or included in the cake.

As everyone comes into the shower, have them write down on a small piece of paper their name and how many diapers they think are in the cake.

Collect the slips of paper. Whoever gets the closest to the truth wins.



Baby Shower Favors

For the favors, there are many great options you can find for a diaper themed baby shower party.

Goodie bags that include lotions, bubble baths, massage oils, and lip glosses all make great favor ideas. Small keychains in the shapes of babies or diapers make cute favors as well.



You may like the fun baby shower favor bags here too, or maybe the baby shower lollipop towel favors. For a yummy treat, why not go with the baby shower cookie pins, yes, a diaper favor that you can eat.

I hope you enjoyed the selection of baby shower diaper cake theme ideas here, have a superb day with plenty of laughs along the way.