Baby shower gift bingo, yep, this superb baby shower game offers not one, but two fun games to play. Yes, you can play baby gift bingo or alternatively, why not try out the regular bingo game instead.

How it works: You receive 20 pre-filled baby shower gift bingo cards with full instructions on how to play the game.

In addition to this you will also find instructions on how to play the regular baby shower bingo game.

To play the regular game, simply cut up the master copy provided in the baby shower game download.

The master copy holds all the words used on the game cards, once all the word squares have been cut out you should end up with 24 separate words.

You’re now ready to place all the words into a bag or even a diaper bag and commence play.

The babyshower games included in this downloadable file really do offer a two for one treat. But hey, this superb baby shower bingo gift game product comes with a few additions too.

Yes, not only do the printable shower games offer two games in one, they also include:

  • 20 Pre-filled baby shower cards.
  •  Baby shower themed markers.
  •  Blank baby gift games template.
  •  Master copy word template – For use when playing the regular bingo game.

Take a look down the page to see all the babyshower game products included in this beautifully presented and easy to use games file.

This fantastic babyshower game is totally free, yes, no purchase required.

Simply click on the link directly beneath the bingo gift products in the box provided and a new browser window will open up for you with your games package inside the file.

You can now view and print as many copies that you like for your baby shower themed party day.

Hope you have a great time with the games.

Please note: The baby shower gift bingo games, blank bingo templates and pre-filled baby boy, girl and neutral game templates are for home use only. The games have taken me a long time to create, so please, do not use the games for anything else then what they were intended for.


20 Pre-filled Game Cards

Baby Game Gift Template


Gift Bingo Master Card

Gift Game Markers



View and Print Your Baby Shower Gift Bingo Set Here.

Simply click on this bingo gift games link to open up the file. Please give the file time to open; the file contains 26 game pages along with graphics on most of the pages, this may cause the file to open slowly. Thanks for your patients.


Throwing a baby boy, girl or neutral baby shower theme, then you may just like this awesome range of themed baby shower bingo games too. You will find three full sets of baby blue, pink and neutral themed game cards “Right Here”.

All the games offer 20 pre-filled cards, one blank template and themed baby shower markers too. And hey, their all completely free for you to print out and play. Go on over and take a look, I think you’ll love the free printables here.


Looking for some more fun ides, then this superb selection of free printable bingo template cards may just come in handy for your baby shower themed party day.

The blank baby shower bingo cards offer fun and colorful designs throughout.

You will discover baby boy themed templates, baby girl, neutral templates and adorable themed bingo templates too.

The full collection is quick and easy to print out.

Just select the bingo cards you like the best and click on the link directly beneath your template of choice, the bingo template will now open up in a new browser window for you.

You can now view and print as many templates as you need for your baby shower party day. Hope you like them, enjoy.