Baby Shower Gift Ideas

Finding the right baby shower gift ideas is important, whether you’re buying something for mom, dad, the hostess, or even choosing a gift basket.

Girl Baby Carriage Gift Basket

While a baby shower is all about celebrating the new life, it’s also a time to help out new parents as they try to prepare for their new little one that will be arriving soon.

If you’re stumped for ideas when it’s time to choose a gift, here is a look at some great ideas you can use to ensure you pick out the perfect baby shower gift.



Baby Shower Gifts For Mom

If you’re looking for baby shower gift ideas for mom, you don’t always have to go with gifts that are specifically for the baby. Sometimes it’s nice to purchase a gift for mom that will pamper her during and after her pregnancy.

Of course, gifts that pamper mom aren’t the only option. You can find fun gifts that moms will enjoy, such as a cute frame to show off the new baby when he arrives. Even a fashionable diaper bag or a baby photo album can prove to be a gift that the mom-to-be will appreciate.


Mommy Gift Ideas

Baby Briefcase

Baby Briefcase Organizer

Baby Care System

Baby Care System

Pregnancy Keychain

Pregnancy Keychain


Not only are these perfect for a general baby shower, but they make great gifts for a sprinkle baby shower as well.

For even more great ideas, check out this great range of baby shower gifts for mommy-to-be.


Baby Shower Gifts for Dad

Often new dads are the ones that are left out at a baby shower. Today it’s becoming more popular to have baby showers that include the men as well, which means you’ll want to look for baby shower gift ideas for dad too.

Even if the baby shower isn’t specifically for couples, it’s still a nice gesture to purchase a special gift for the daddy-to-be.


Daddy Gift Ideas

Burp Towel Set

Baby Burp Towel Set

Project Diaper Bag

Daddy Diaper Bag

Daddys ToolBelt

Daddy Diaper Tool Set


A tool-belt full of diaper changing supplies is a great option and a fun way to make sure dad gets in on diaper duty too.

You can find other special gifts that are specifically designed for dads, such as cute bibs or onesies proclaiming that the baby is “Daddy’s little girl,” or “Daddy’s little boy.”

Any of these ideas are sure to be appreciated and for even more ideas, check out this fun selection of baby shower gift ideas for the daddy-to-be.


Baby Shower Gift Baskets

One of the most popular baby shower gift ideas happens to be baby shower gift baskets. These baskets bring together baby essentials and put them in beautiful packaging.

For busy guests, they offer a one-stop way to bring a gift that is sure to thrill the new parents. Look for gift baskets specifically designed for the baby’s gender or look for a themed option if you’re attending a shower that has a theme.


Baby Gift Ideas

Baby Boy Gifts

Boy Bassinet Gift Basket

Bath Time Gifts

Bath Time Baby Shower Gifts

Baby Girl Gifts

Girl Baby Carriage Gift Basket


Not only are their gift baskets filled with items for the baby, but you can even find baby shower gift baskets that are filled with special items for the new mom and dad as well, which always makes a special gift they will appreciate.

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