Free Baby Shower Planner Ideas

A baby shower planner is a real must, they help you to plan and organize the shower from start to finish. I know it may seem like (oh no another list type thing) that you need to fill out, but believe me, the organization involved in planning a baby shower can sometimes feel overwhelming, especially so if you are planning the partry alone.

The planner can act as a focal point for all the things you need to do as the weeks tick by.

Another advantage of using a baby shower planner is to keep control of the baby shower budget.

The cost of a babyshower can sometimes spiral out of control, before you know it your budget has well and truly been spent and yep, you've still got things left to buy.

The printable budget planner worksheets contain everything you need, from the guest list, a shopping budget planner and a babyshower schedule planner too.

You will also find extra planners, if required. Print them off if you need longer sections within each baby shower area to work with.

The baby shower planners can be printed off immediately; alternatively you can download the planners and print them off as and when required.

Just follow the links underneath each planner section to print them off.

Please note: The baby shower party planner worksheets are for home use only. Please do not take them from this page if you intend to use them for anything else. Just to let you know, I monitor the website content / images and PDF files on a regular basis for any misuse of the material found throughout this site.

Baby Shower Planner Work Sheets



Additional Baby Shower Planning Work Sheets

For a little more choice, you may like the free party planner worksheets here too.

You will find three planners that you can use, a main work sheet that includes all the party essentials you need to think about whilst planning your party day out.

A guest list work sheet that has space on it for your guests names, invitations sent out, a guest attending column and a thank you note column too.

Along with the work sheets above you will also find a gift planner that you can use. The planner is great to use to jot down the guest name with the gift they gave you.

By using the gift planner you won't get in a muddle with who gave what gift when it comes to sending out the baby shower thank you note cards.

Baby Shower Etiquette Check List

To compliment the free printable planners here, we have put together a quick fire baby shower etiquette check list that you could use for your babyshower party day.

The list will help you organize the actual day of your party, although the list is not set in stone and can be altered to fit in with your own babyshower day celebrations.

Just bare in mind as you plan the day out that a baby shower usually lasts for about 2 hours, any longer then this will more then likely tire mom out.

Quick Fire Etiquette list for your baby shower day

  • Greet your guests and welcome them to the party.
  •  Introduce mom-to-be to the baby shower guests arriving.
  •  Let everyone introduce themselves.
  •  Serve up appetizers, beverages, or snacks.
  •  Play a couple of baby shower games.
  •  Serve the main dish and the cake or other desserts.
  •  Have the mom-to-be open her gifts.
  •  Allow everyone to mingle and chat.
  •  Pass out favors as everyone begins to leave.

Don't forget to print out your baby shower planner checklists before you go. They really will save you lots of time and of course the printable budget planners are totally free for you to use.

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If you found the baby shower planners useful, please let us know. Just drop a little note in the facebook comments box below, we always appreciate feedback from our baby shower visitors.

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