For those all important baby shower thank yous, you may want to check out this superb selection we have put together here for you.

This wonderful range offers seven printable baby thank you poems for you to choose from.

All the neutral themed thank you poems have been totally updated with brand new design templates.

You will now find that each poem offers three poem templates for you to choose from, instead of just one.

The free printable baby shower thank you wording ideas can be printed out as many times as you like.

Their all completely free for you to use time and time again.

Want to print some out. Simply click on the print button directly beneath the baby shower thank yous you like the best.

A new browser window will open up for you with your selected poem inside the pdf file.

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Once your happy with the printed format you can then go back and print out the number of copies you require for your party guests.

I really hope you find the baby shower thank you wording ideas here useful. And please, print out as many poems as you need for your party day. Enjoy



Please Note: The baby shower thank yous are for home use only. Please do not remove / copy these poems if you intend to use them for anything else. Just a little note, I monitor the site on a regular basis for any misuse of content / images and PDF files found throughout the site.




Thank You Baby Shower Poem – 1
A baby is a special gift
That comes without a bow
A baby brings the most incredible joy
That anyone could know.A baby brings such happiness,
And a gently baby touch
A baby brings a lot of love
And it’s hard to show how much.

So today we say a thank you
For all the gifts you brought
And we celebrate together
The life of this cute little tot.






Thank You Baby Shower Poem – 2
Nine months seems like such a long time
For a little baby to wait.
But you’ve made things so much easier
By distracting me with cake.Through the months of pregnancy
It hasn’t all been fun
But thanks to friends and family
I know I’m almost done.

So thank you for your help
The gifts, the cards, and yes, the food
It’s all appreciated
As I’m soon to add to my little brood.






Thank You Baby Shower Poem – 3
At the baby shower,
I really had a lot of fun
and I appreciate all the gifts
for my new little one.I really was surprised
And found it all so sweet
So thanks to all for coming
I love this special shower treat.






Thank You Baby Shower Poem – 4
Your friendship and gifts
They all are gracious
And hopefully soon
We’ll share a couple faces.We’re hoping our babies
Will bring you all pleasure
So thanks for your kindness
It’s been such a pleasure.






Thank You Baby Shower Poem – 5
Thank you for the lovely gifts
My special family and friends
I really appreciate everything
and I was sorry for the party to end.Your thoughtfulness was special
It really made my day
And for everything you’ve done
There’s no way I can repay.






Thank You Baby Shower Poem – 6
Thanks so much for bringing
That special baby gift
There’s no doubt I’ll use it
And it gave me such a lift.I really do appreciate
How thoughtful the shower was
And the fact that you all care so much,
Really gave me cause.

So thanks for taking time
To do something that’s so nice
I love the food, the fun, the gifts
And of course the baby advice.






Thank You Baby Shower Poem – 7
My little one is coming soon
The due date is so near
And I spend a lot of time
Dreaming of the little dear.I dream of baby fingers
And tiny feet and big blue eyes
I dream of telling stories
And singing him to sleep with lullabies.

While I sit and think
Of these special happy days
My thoughts turn to all of you
And how you’ve helped the whole way.

It’s tough to wait for nine months
And it’s not always been fun
But thanks for all your kindness
To help me meet my little one.




Along with the neutral themed thank you poems above, we also offer a fabulous selection of thank youbaby shower poems from baby too. This superb collection includes six thank you poems from baby, all printable and completely free for you to use.

See Examples Below.


All the design templates are bight and colorful and offer a superb selection for you to choose from. You will find baby boy and girl templates along with neutral themed thank you templates too.

The thank you poems from baby are well worth a look, you never know, you may find the perfect thank you poem to send out to all your party guests.

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