Throwing a baby sprinkle themed shower party, then your sure to love all the baby shower ideas we have put together here.

You will find a smashing range of free printable sprinkle themed products that you could use for your shower themed party day.

From adorable invites, the sprinkle baby shower invitations are superb.

All the invitations have been updated, you will now find more invitations to choose from with adorable sprinkle themed artwork throughout.

How about poems, the free printable invitation poems are a real must.

The sprinkle themed poems have all been designed to co-ordinate with the invitations beautifully.

And don’t forget the decorations, yes, this baby sprinkle themed page offers a free printable banner that you can print out and use for free.

The banner is bright and colorful and once printed the banner letters will spell out the words SPRINKLE SHOWER for you.

Along with all the free printables here, you will also find great ideas for baby shower games and even theme ideas too. I hope the sprinkle theme comes in handy for your baby shower themed party day.



This adorable selection of personalized baby sprinkle invitations offers a superb range for you to choose from. You will find sprinkle invites for boys and girls and neutral themed invites too.

The cards offer wonderful designs throughout. From sprinkle themed dots thru to cute little raindrops, adorable umbrellas and even yummy cupcake designs too.



The full collection can be totally personalized with your own sprinkle themed wording ideas. Simply select the card you like and enter your own wording into the text boxes provided on screen. It’s easy to do and makes creating your cards lots of fun too.


New: – The entire collection of sprinkle baby shower invitations have been totally updated with brand new designs. You will now find a stunning selection of baby boy, girl and neutral themed sprinkle cards to choose from “Right Here”.

All the designs are adorable and offer a variety of sprinkle themed umbrellas along with pink, blue and yellow cupcake designs too. See Examples Below.



The invitations are completely free for you to use. You can print out as many as you like and whenever you like, the free printables will always be here for you to use. Enjoy.


Want to include a sprinkle themed poem in your invitation cards too, then this next section is just for you. Yes, you will find baby sprinkle poems galore “Right Here”.

New: – The baby shower sprinkle poems have been re-vamped, all the poems offer additional template deigns for you to choose from. You will now find three templates per poem instead of just one. See Example Designs Below.



This new range has been fully co-ordinated with the free printable sprinkle themed baby shower invitations above. You can now run the same design from your invitations thru to your sprinkle invitation poems too.

All the poems are free printables too. Just find a poem you like and print away. Hope you enjoy the new designs we have put together here for you.


For a fun way to decorate your baby shower sprinkle venue, we have designed and created a free printable sprinkle themed banner that you can print out and use for your party day.

The banner is bright and colorful and offers a raindrop design across the front of each letter.

Once all the letters are printed out the wording will say SPRINKLE SHOWER.

You can string the letters together and drape the banner across the walls, alternatively, you may want to use the banner outside.

If you can, laminate the letters for outside use, this will make the banner weatherproof and easier to handle too. Hope you find the banner letters helpful.


So what type of theme did you have in mind? Maybe you’re not sure of the type of theme you can choose for a baby sprinkle themed party day.

If this is the case you have no need to worry, any baby shower theme is appropriate for a sprinkle party. This type of shower theme is usually held on a smaller scale, it’s for moms that are having a second, third or more babies.

At this type of shower, the mom is “sprinkled” with baby necessities instead of a full blown shower, because most moms already have a lot of important baby items at this stage in the game.

So as you can see, a regular shower theme is fine, it’s usually that the party size is reduced to close friends and family and the gifts would be more along the lines of baby essentials rather then big purchase items.



If you want some fun baby shower themes to choose from then you may like to take a look at the baby shower theme ideas we offer throughout the site.


Yes, even though this is a sprinkle shower theme you can still have a game or two, just like any other shower theme that you would attend.

You can pick from a wide selection of fun baby shower games, from baby shower bingo games thru to theme specific games like sporty party games, jungle shower games, baby boy or girl games and neutral themed shower games too.


Want to print and play, then the free printable baby shower game ideas here are sure to hit the mark. We offer a wide selection of free baby shower games that you can print off and play instantly for your sprinkle themed baby shower party day.



You will find Noah’s Ark games, jungle games, jungle book games, baby shower bingo games, sporty games, sea critter games, baby boy and girl games along with a great selection of holiday baby shower games too.

Go on, pop on over and take a look, I think you may just find a game you like.