Baby Footprints Baby Shower Theme

If you are looking for a fun theme for a baby shower, a baby footprints themed baby shower is just the thing.

Footprint Baby Shower Invitations

There is something that is so adorable about tiny feet, and making this the theme of the shower will give you an adorable theme that you can work with and make your own.

Of course, a babyshower takes a whole lot of planning. If you are not sure where to begin, we can help.

Here is your one stop footprint shower themes guide to help you through every step of planning this baby shower.

From baby footprint invitation ideas, unique themed footprint poems, fun to play footprint themed shower games and great footprint themed favors too.

Yes, you will find everything right here, this footprint shower theme will really impress the the new mommy-to-be.


Footprint Baby Shower Ideas


Baby Footprint Invitation Ideas

When planning a babyshower, the first thing you’ll want to do is start sending out those shower invitations so that everyone can save the date for the baby shower on their calendar.

You’ll want to go with shower invitations that reflect the footprint baby shower theme you are using for the shower.

One great idea is to make the invitations yourself, cutting out invitations in the shape of baby feet or baby shoes.

Then you can write in the invitations yourself and with a few embellishments, they are sure to be adorable.

In some cases you can find some store bought baby shower footprint invitations that have tiny feet on them as well, and these will also make great options for the invitations.



Free Shower Themed Footprint invitations

As this footprint shower theme is just so cute, we really couldn’t resist creating a few tiny footprints of our own for you to enjoy.

Yes, the footprint team have been hard at work and come up with the cutest baby shower footprint invitations for your shower themed party day.


Footprint Themed Invites

Girl Footprint Baby Shower Invitation Neutral Footprint Baby Shower Invitation Boy Footprint Baby Shower Invitation

Take A Look – Footprint Themed Invitations


This superb selection of free printable baby shower invitations includes boy and girl footprint invitations along with neutral themed invites too.


Footprint Baby Shower Invitation Sets

Want some more, then this stunning collection of footprint baby shower stationery sets will simply blow you away. You will find invites for girls and boys and a one of each stationery set too.


Footprint Theme Sets

Girl Footprint BabyShower Invitation

Boy Footprint Themed Shower Invitation

Neutral Footprint Themed BabyShower Invitation

Take A Look – Footprint Themed Shower Invitations and template sets.


The footprint invitation sets include, one pre-filled footprint invitation, one blank template and to finish the set off, footprint themed shower labels too.

All the footprint sets are completely free for you to use, yep, just hop, skip and jump right on over to this footprint invitation page, if you like what you see simply print away.


Footprint Baby Shower Menu Templates

Looking for a great way to introduce your babyshower menu to all your guests. Then this adorable collection of free printable footprint baby shower menu templates may just do the trick.


Footprint Menu Sets


The menu templates have the same little footprint graphics as the invitations above and can be viewed and printed off immediately.

Simply select the baby footprints template you would like to use, you will find baby boy, girl, neutral and gender reveal themed menu templates too.

Once printed, just add your dishes to the menu template and pop one on each place setting for your baby shower guests to see.

I hope you find the footprint themed templates useful.


Footprint Poems

Footprint Baby Shower Poems

Now these tiny feet just wont keep still, they’ve hopped, skipped and jumped right onto this fantastic selection of footprint themed poems. But hey, these baby shower footprint poems offer an added twist.

Yes, the team has created all the baby footprint poem (s) as free printable too.

All the poems have been set on adorable footprint themed paper (see illustration) and can be used for free for your footprint themed babyshower party day.

Hope you like them.



Baby Footprints Shower Decorations

Footprint Baby Shower Decorations

Decorating for the shower can be a lot of fun. Maybe you’re not sure what you can do to decorate for this theme.

One idea is to decorate using a lot of little baby shoes. Look for cheap baby shoes or booties and use them as decorations around the area to convey the footprint theme.

Another great idea is to cut out the shapes of hands and feet and hang them around the room as well.

If you have a baby of your own, consider stamping their feet and hands and stamping them on a tablecloth that you can use for the main table at the shower. This is sure to look adorable.

You may just want to shop and go, if this is the case, then you may just like the baby shower footprint decoration ideas here. They will really add that baby footprint feel to your shower themed party day.



Footprint Games

Of course, you’ll need some activities and games to keep the party going. Keep the games in line with your theme as much as possible. Here are a few great ideas that you can use.


Draw a Foot

One hilarious game you can play is draw a foot. It doesn’t sound too tough, but the twist is that everyone has one minute. Give each person a piece of paper, a pencil, and get the time ready. Have them put the paper on their head and draw a foot.

This makes it a lot harder. See who is able to draw the best foot on their head. It’s a game that will definitely have everyone laughing.


Free Baby Feet Word Search Puzzle

Baby Feet Word Search Puzzle

Want to add in a free footprint shower game.

Then this superb baby feet word search puzzle is just for you.

Your baby shower guests must step up to the mark if they want to win this fun to play themed party game.

Your guests must quickly find all the words in the grid from the list shown below the game. The first team or single player to cross off all the words WINS the baby feet trophy.

To open up the game simply click on this games link here, a new browser window will open up for you with the game inside. Just select how many copies you need and print away.

You will find all the answers to the game provided in the games file.


Hop Scotch

Another idea is to play hop scotch if you have a place outdoors. This game is all about the feet. Of course, mom probably shouldn’t play, but it can be a lot of fun for the rest of the guests.

See who can make it all the way through the hop scotch course.



Footprint Favors

There are many great ideas for prizes and favors for a footprint shower theme.

One great idea is a little pedicure set. Scented foot scrubs make great ideas that will go along with the theme as well. Bath beads in the shape of feet, soaps, bath fizzes or even manicure sets are great ideas.

Perhaps stuff baby booties with some candy for a cool favor idea as well.


Hope the Baby Footprints shower theme has given you some great baby shower ideas and tips. Have a fantastic Baby Shower day.