Baby shower thank you poems are a superb way to say a heart felt thanks to all you baby shower guests, this is especially so when the poem is from baby.

A thank you poem from baby will really make your baby shower guests smile, it shows you have gone that extra mile to show your appreciation for all your wonderful baby shower gifts and for making your shower themed party day extra special.

With this in mind you will find a wonderful collection of baby thank you poems right here, you can use all the poems in whatever way you like.

The poems are all free to use, so please, if you see a baby shower thank you poem that you like, go ahead and use it, I really don’t mind.

New – The baby shower thank you page has been updated. You will now find that all the poems have three poem templates for you to choose from instead of one.

This awesome collection offers baby boy, girl and neutral themed templates too.

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Hope the poems come in handy for your baby shower party day.



Please Note: The baby shower thank you poems are for home use only. The template designs and poems have taken along time to create. So please, do not use them if you intend to take them for any other purpose then what they were intended for. Do Not Do This.



Thank You Poems From Baby – Poem 1
Thanks for taking time
To come and welcome me
I’m so excited to meet
All my friends and familyThank you for the many gifts
It was so kind and sweet
I love the baby blankets
And the booties for my feet.

My parents are so blessed
To know every one of you
And since I’ve arrived
I’m lucky and blessed too!






Thank You Poems From Baby – Poem 2
I have something I need to say
Although I’m not even born yet
But I had to say a thank you
For all the gifts I’ll get.I’d also like to say a thanks
From mom and dad too
For all the beautiful gifts
In pinks, and greens, and blues.

While I had an empty closet
And my clothes and toys were few
That has all been changed
Thanks to all of you!






Thank You Poems From Baby – Poem 3
I’m so excited that you all came
To help throw a shower for my mother
Hope you had time to enjoy yourselves
And have some laughs with one another.It’s too bad I can’t be there too
To join in the fun baby shower
But I’m pretty busy myself
I’m growing every single hour.

While I can’t be there in person
To say thanks for gifts you bought
We all are very thankful
For the special baby thought.

I’ll be here before you know it
And I’m happy can’t you see
That after I’m a little older
You’ll all come around to see me.






Thank You Poems From Baby – Poem 4
Thanks so very much
For this gift I hope to see
I heard mom say she loves it
And you picked it out for me.Mommy sent this thank you card
Since I haven’t yet arrived
And even once I do
I can’t write you one until I’m five.

So thank you all for everything
And know from my baby heart
We really do appreciate
That you all did your part.






Thank You Poems From Baby – Poem 5
Thank you all for your love
And gifts and special wishes
And now it’s up to me
To send you baby kisses.You made us all so happy
That you took the time to come
And your gifts brought us such joy
Especially my mom.


Thank You Poem From Baby Girl






Thank You Poems From Baby – Poem 6
I wish that I could have been there
But you see, I’m not ready yet
I’m finishing all that growing
But before you know it, I’ll be set.I did want to send a message
With a very special thought
Soon the stork will drop me off
To use the gifts you kindly bought.

So thank you for the welcome
That you all gave today
And when you see that stork
You’ll know I’ve arrived to stay.




I hope you found the perfect baby shower thank you poem from the poem collection here. Just in case though, why not pop on over to the neutral range of baby shower thank you poems here too.

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You will find a superb selection of free printable thank you poems to choose from “Right Here”. Simply select the poem you like the best and print away. It’s as easy as that, hope you like them.

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