Looking for a game or two, then this superb selection of baby boy babyshower games may just come in handy for your baby shower party day.

All the games have been totally re-designed, you will now find brand new baby boy artwork throughout each and every game offered.

Along with the artwork, the games themselves have been re-vamped too.

Nearly every game now offers a choice of three game templates for you to select from. You could even use all the template sets from each game, if you like.

This would be fun to do as you would get the same great game to play but with different baby boy designs placed on each template.

The baby shower games for boys collection offers five free printable games for you to choose from.

You will find a baby boy name that toy game, a fast paced baby boy name game race game, a fun to play word search puzzle along with a 20 card boy themed bingo game and not to mention the fantastic selection of blank baby shower boy themed bingo card templates too.

I really hope that you have lots of fun with the new baby boy babyshower games we have put together here for you. And please, print out as many games as you like, all the games are totally free for you to use. Enjoy.

Please Note: The baby shower games for boys collection are for home use only. Please do not take them if you intend to use them for anything else. Just to make you aware, I monitor the site on a regular basis for any misuse of the content / images and PDF files found throughout this site.



This fun to play baby boy name game race game will really get your party guests into a baby shower twist. Your guests will need to be extra quick, they need to fill in the grid with baby boy names starting at A and finishing at Z.

For even more fun, set the game against clock.


The boy babyshower game can be played as part of a team or on an individual basis; the first team or single player to complete the grid wins the game. Alternatively, the overall winner or winners could be the ones with the most unusual names on the list.

And just to help you out with those pesky letters Q, U, V, X, Y and Z we have put together a printablebaby boy names list. The list should only be used to mark the game up at the end of play. No cheating allowed. Enjoy.


How many baby boy toys will your party guests be able to think of. Well, with this fast paced name that toy game your guests will need to think of as many as they can in order to win the game.


This really is a fun baby shower game to play, it’s fast and furious and will certainly get your babyshower guests thinking on their feet.


Want to try another game, then this brand new boy themed word search puzzle will go down a treat with your baby shower party guests. This free printable word search puzzle will whip everyone up into a frenzy as they try to find all the words contained within the grid.


They have to be quick though, they will be competing against each other to win the game and the baby shower games trophy.


Feel like a little bingo, then you’re sure to love the free printable baby shower bingo game “Right Here”. The baby boy bingo game contains 20 pre-filled bingo cards, one set of bingo card game markers and a blank bingo card games template too.

See Examples Below.


To play the game simply click on the baby shower bingo games link here, you will then arrive on the bingo games page. From here you will be able to view and print the game off straight from screen. The bingo games file includes full instructions on how to play.


If you prefer to create your own boy themed bingo games and just need the bingo template instead, we have just the thing. A whopping collection of six free printable boy themed bingo templates that you can print off and use for your baby shower party day.

See Examples Below.


This awesome range offers blank baby boy diaper themed bingo templates, footprint templates, under the sea themed templates, little blue ducky templates as well as jungle and pure baby boy themed templates too.

All the babyshower games here are quick and easy to print out and look fantastic too.

Want to hop on over and take a look, great. Simply click on this blank baby shower bingo cards link here where you will find all the goodies we have to offer. I really hope you find the bingo templates here useful.