Making Your Own Baby Shower Decorations and Favors

Perhaps you have to throw a baby shower for the Mom-to-be you know. How are you going to decorate the baby shower? You don’t need to buy many materials to make your own baby shower decorations.

Tissue Paper Flowers

Make some tissue paper flowers to decorate the baby shower. Tissue paper is relatively inexpensive and is easy to find at local craft stores and many department stores. You can buy rolls of tissue paper, individual sheets, small squares or circles of tissue paper. The circles work best but you can cut the others into varying sizes of circles.

Choose your colors. Place a larger tissue paper circle, then a smaller circle, then a smaller circle and so on. Layer the tissue paper circles using at least four circles for the best results. Then take a green pipe cleaner and gently push it through the paper circles. You can use scissors or a sharp tipped knife to poke a hole first so that the pipe cleaner can get through. Once the pipe cleaner is through you can bend it over into a small one inch loop at the top end. Crinkle each tissue paper sheet to make it look more like a flower. They should look a bit like poppy flowers. You can add leaves for a finishing touch.

Materials Needed for the Tissue Paper Flowers:
– various colors of tissue papers cut into various size circles
– green pipe cleaners
– scissors
– artificial leaves

Rattles on a String

Make a hanging decoration or some rattle necklaces for the baby shower guests. You can buy inexpensive rattles or make your own. To make your own rattles, get some plastic milk lids. You will need two lids per rattle. Make sure you wash and dry the lids completely. Put some dry beans, rice or uncooked popcorn in one of the lids. Glue the lids together. Let them dry. Use a glue gun for quicker, better results.

Once the rattle head is dry, glue a craft stick or lollipop sticks (found in the baking sections of grocery stores) to the back of the rattle heads to make the rattle. You can paint the lids with fun little shapes or even paint letters on the rattles to form words. To hang on a necklace or string, you can add a loop of fishing line or string on the back of the rattle. Once that dries, thread a piece of string through the loop. You could also add on some pacifiers or other items such as beads and charms.

Materials Needed for the Rattles on a String:
– milk jug lids (or other container lids)
– glue gun
– glue sticks
– craft sticks or lollipop sticks
– dry beans, uncooked rice or uncooked popcorn
– string or yarn
– beads and charms (optional)

Pretty Floral Arrangements

Make a floral arrangement for a beautiful baby shower centerpiece. You can buy real live flowers or artificial flowers. Choose your colors. If you know the sex of the baby, then you can choose colors that might represent that. But you can also do neutral colors such as yellows, greens and lighter colors too.

Choose a vase or a container to put the bouquet in. If you use a basket, you can use floral foam to put the flowers in. This can extend the life of the bouquet a little bit if you use live flowers. Choose a vase or basket that isn’t too overpowering. You want it to be a centerpiece but you don’t want the vase standing out. The flower arrangement is also part of the centerpiece and should share in the beauty.

Use baby’s breath and ferns or other flower stems to add some green to the arrangement. Flowers great for a baby shower bouquet include light-colored roses, carnations and lilies.

Materials Needed for the Floral Arrangements:
– real or artificial flowers
– floral foam
– vase or basket

Baby Bib Placemats and Cloth Diaper Napkins

Use a baby bib to make a placemat for your baby shower guests. If you can find a blank bib, you could decorate the bib to include the name of the person or other things of interest. Use fabric paint to decorate the baby bib. Use clean cloth diapers as napkins. Roll them up and place a napkin holder around them. You could use ribbon in lieu of the napkin holder.

Materials Needed for the Baby Bib Placemats:
– baby bib
– fabric paints
– cloth diapers
– ribbon (optional)

Make Your Own Baby Shower Favors

In addition to making the rattles above for the rattle necklaces, you can take essential baby items and make them into party favors and gifts for guests and the mom-to-be as well.

Use baby bottles as baby shower favors. Fill the bottles with candies or chocolates. You could have guests bring in coupons for baby items such as diapers and baby care items. Put the coupons into the baby bottles and send them along to the mom-to-be.

You can use items such as wooden blocks, small stuffed animals and even diapers for baby shower favors. Many novelty companies sell things like little bottles of bubbles, toys and other baby shower gifts. You could take these small novelty items and wrap them up in the diapers for a party favor or gift.

Materials Needed for the Baby Shower Favors:
– string or yarn
– baby bottles with caps/nipples
– individually wrapped candies (optional)
– small toys such as wooden blocks and stuffed animals
– newborn diapers

The Best and Most Fun Baby Shower Ever

Making your own decorations and party favors will not only save you money, but it can be fun as well. Just use a little creativity and you will have the best and most fun baby shower ever. It’s all about having fun and enjoying the soon-to-be big moment.