Christmas Baby Shower Ideas

Throwing a Christmas baby shower, then the Christmas baby shower ideas here will really add lots of festive fun to your Christmas themed baby shower party day.

Christmas Baby Shower Trivia Game

Yes, you will find a superb selection of Christmas themed baby shower games to play, but hey, that’s not all.

The Christmas baby shower Elves have been hard at work, and yep, they’ve added lots of free printables to the games, from Christmas themed playing sheets thru to helpful hint sheets along with complete free printable baby shower games, you just need to print and play. Cool Hey.

Want to take a whirl and check out the Christmas baby shower ideas here, great. You’re sure to find a Christmas themed baby shower game that will work a treat for your festive themed party day. Have Fun.

Christmas Baby Shower Ideas


Christmas Baby Name Game

This Christmas themed baby shower game is really easy to prepare and lot’s of fun.

Christmas Baby Name Game

The party host prepares sheets of paper, preferably in Christmas colors such as gold, red and green and writes the word CHRISTMAS vertically down the left hand side of the page.

Once your guests are ready to play start the clock.

All players get 5 minutes to list both boys and girls names for each letter of the word CHRISTMAS. The Winner of the game is the person who has the most answers in common with mommy-to-be.

Those little Elves have made this fun Christmas game even easier to play, yep; they’ve turned it in to a free printable. Simply click on this Baby Name Game link here and a new browser window will open up with the game inside.

You can now view and print your festive baby shower game off.



Christmas Baby Shower Charades

Christmas Charades is a really fun game to play that will have your guests in stitches.

The aim of the game is all about how well you can pantomime.

The player must pantomime a word or phrase to her team within a set time limit and must not use any sound or lip movement.

Try doing this when your up against the clock, it’s so hard not to make any noise but loads of Fun.


To play the game you will need

~ A stopwatch, timer
~ Blank paper
~ Some paper and a pen to keep score
~ Two containers for the Christmas slips to be placed in


To start the game rolling

Split the players into two teams of equal size (if you can) and give each team some paper to write there phrases on.

Decide on who will be the time keeper or to keep it fair rotate this role around the teams so all players get a go.

Decide how many games to play before the fun commences.

Once the teams are split get each team to come up with Christmas phrases and write each one on a slip of paper.

You can use Christmas movie titles, quotations, titles of books, Christmas songs, just don’t make it that hard that the clue will be impossible to guess.

Try and make sure that at least a couple of people on your team have actually heard of the phrase and that the phrase is not to long for the other team members to pantomime out.


Let the Game Commence

When the players have gathered back together a player from team A picks a slip from team B’s container.

Once the player has had a short time to think about the phrase, the time keeper from the opposite team, team B then tells the player to start.

This is where the Fun begins. The player only gets 3 Minutes to act out the phrase as her team frantically try to guess the clue.

If team A guess correctly the timekeeper notes how long it took. If the team where unable to guess within the 3 minutes allowed the timekeeper stops the game and records a time of three minutes.

This continues until all team members have had a turn to pantomime a phrase.

At the end of the game the score for each team is added up, this is the total time needed for each round. The team with the smallest score WINS the game. Happy Playing.



Charades Tips and Tricks

For some extra help to get you started the baby shower Elves have gathered together a great selection of Christmas themed movie titles and song ideas. You’ll even find a how to list; the list will help the player’s converse with their team members when miming out their chosen Christmas topic.

Simply click on this Christmas baby shower charades link here to view and print the hint sheet off.



Christmas Baby Shower Ideas – The Christmas Tree Game

Make your Christmas tree glitter with this fun baby shower game.

Christmas baby shower games

Give your guest’s a piece of green paper each and see if they can manage to rip the the paper into the shape of a Christmas tree. The catch being they must do this behind their backs.

For a bit more fun use a stop watch and set a time limit for their creation to be made in.

To make the game even more exciting add decorations such as pre-cut baubles or stars which can be made in advance. Just cut out the shapes using yellow and red card and add a blob of blue tack to the back of each shape.

The guest’s must then try and place the decorations on the tree, once again behind their backs and without looking.

When the time is up line all the Christmas trees out to be judged. A good idea is to let the person who was doing the stop watch be the judge or alternatively a person who was not playing the game.


The best tree WINS the game.


Christmas Baby Shower Game

Hey, the Christmas baby shower ideas here just keep on coming. Yep, you also get a free printable with this fun game too.

Instead of creating the Christmas tree decorations yourself, why not print off this pre-filled Christmas themed sheet, it’s got bauble and star images in that just need to be cut out for your Christmas themed baby shower party day.



Christmas Baby Shower Trivia

Enjoying the Christmas baby shower ideas here, if you are, you’re sure to love this festive baby shower game here to.

Yes, this Christmas themed baby shower game will really get your baby shower guests in to a festive spin.

To play the game have your baby shower guests write down the answers for each trivia question. The player with the most correct answers wins the game.

But hey, don’t worry, those baby shower Elves have included a full list of answers in the baby shower games link file.

To print the game off, just click on this Christmas Trivia games link here. The game will open up in a new browser window for you, you can now view and print this fun game off.

Happy Playing.



Christmas Baby Shower Games

Christmas Themed Baby Shower Games

Oh my, the Christmas baby shower ideas haven’t stopped yet.

Oh no, not only will you find this fantastic selection of Christmas baby shower games Right Here, you will also discover that the baby shower Elves have designed and created more fun games for your Christmas themed baby shower party day.

Yes, that’s right; the free printable Christmas baby shower ideas here include Christmas baby shower bingo, word search, suduko, Christmas baby shower scramble and a very mixed-up Christmas game too.

Go on, jump onto the festive sleigh and take a peek, I can guarantee you’ll love the Christmas baby shower ideas here.