This special selection of Christmas baby shower poems have all been designed and created for your Christmas themed baby shower party day.

All the printable poems offer two Christmas themed template styles for you to choose from.

You could simply select one template to use or maybe use both styles instead.

This would be fun to do, your baby shower guests would receive the same adorable poem in the mail but on different Christmas poem templates.

The baby shower Christmas templates offer brand new festive baby artwork throughout.

You will find little Elves, baby Santa’s, Christmas robins, flickering candles, Christmas tree designs and more.

Along with the new designs we have also created specific Christmas baby shower poems. You will find baby boy and girl poems along with neutral themed poems too.

Each individual poem has been placed in a box just above it’s corresponding poem templates. This has been done so you can clearly see what the individual poems say before you print them out.

I really hope you find the Christmas baby shower poems useful. And please, feel free to print out as many as you like, all the poems are free for you to use. Enjoy.



Christmas Boy Baby Shower Poem – 1
You’re invited to a shower
For a little baby boy
He’s due on Christmas Eve,
And sure to bring a tone of joy.

The shower starts at 6pm sharp
Make sure you are on time
They’ll be cake, and games, and gifts galore
And you’re sure to have a real fun time.

Bring along a gift or two
A blanket, clothes, or toy
Or perhaps a cake of diapers
For the little baby boy.





Christmas Girl Baby Shower Poem – 2
Join us for a celebration
A baby girl is on her way
Come one and all and have some fun
For mommy’s special shower day.

The due date is on Christmas
And what a gift she’ll be
No doubt she’ll bring some joy
As well as love and peace.





Christmas Baby Shower Poem – 3
Twinkle, little Christmas star
Up there on the tree
Once again on Christmas day
A brand new baby there will be.

So wise men and women
Come from near and far
Ladies bring some baby gifts
And guys can bring a nice cigar.

We’ll celebrate together
The miracle of life
And we’ll shower with gifts
The new daddy and his wife.





Christmas Boy Baby Shower Poem – 4
Set aside this special day
For a Christmas baby is on the way.

Come one, come all, to celebrate
The shower’s at 7, so don’t be late.

Decorations will be in green and red
They’ll be cookies, candy, and stolen bread.

We’ll play games and have some fun,
To celebrate their coming son.

Baby gifts are welcome too
So bring one, or bring a few.

From baby beds to baby seats
To little socks for baby feet.





Christmas Boy Baby Shower Poem – 5
Christmas day will light the way
A newborn baby the gift will be.

Amidst the stockings hung
And ‘neath the mistletoe is he.

Awaiting the hugs and kisses
His mommy and daddy will give.

A lifetime of Christmas memories
To his parents he will gift.

Resting in the arms of an angel
Within the sanctuary where he will live.





Christmas Baby Shower Poem – 6
Chubby little cheeks
and tiny little toes.
Little baby hands
and a cute button nose.

Little baby Christmas
Soon will be here
So we’re going to be the Christmas elves,
And Santa, for this mommy dear.

We’ll all be bringing presents
From baby clothes to baby toys
And working hard together
To bring this Christmas baby some joy.





Christmas Poem From Baby – 7
I have little hands and feet
And I’m hoping that we soon will meet.

I hope you’ll come and stay awhile
And bring some gifts to make mommy smile.

While I won’t be here until Christmas day
I have a couple words to say.

Thanks so much for your gifts of love
And lots of blessings from above.

Love – Christmas Baby





Christmas Baby Shower Poem – 8
Bottles, onesies, and diapers galore,
A few we have, but we’d love some more.

If you could bring a gift like these
No doubt the parents will be so pleased.

The baby’s due on Christmas day
So we’ve got to hurry with the baby soiree.





Christmas Baby Shower Poem – 9
A Christmas baby shower
We’ll soon be hosting
So here’s the shower invitation
We are posting.

I hope that you can come
And help us celebrate
So make sure that you are free
On this very special date.

There will be cake and presents
And lots of Christmas fun
We’ll play some games and have some food
And give the parents gifts from everyone.





Christmas Baby Shower Poem – 10
Here is a Christmas candle
It’s one for you to light
For once again it’s happened
The stork has made another flight.

As you take the time to look
At the flicker of this candle flame
Make sure you breathe a prayer
Of the little baby’s name.

After you have said a prayer
Write this date upon your planner
For we’ll be celebrating together
As it gets a little colder.

A baby shower we will have
It will be a special time
We’ll give some gifts for baby
To wear at day or at bedtime.





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Pssst – Don’t forget to grab a poem or two before you go. All the poems are totally free for you to print out and use for your party day. Enjoy.