This superb selection of Christmas baby shower wording ideas will really help to get your baby shower guests in a festive mood.

The entire collection offers newly designed templates.

All the wording templates have been combined with adorable Christmas baby graphics along with a choice of three separate wording template designs for you to choose from.

You will find baby shower Christmas templates for baby boys, girls and neutral themed templates too.

All the Christmas baby shower wording poems offer three wording templates per poem.

So for example, once you have found a poem you like, simply click on the view and print button directly beneath your poem of choice.

The Christmas themed baby shower poem you have selected will open up in a new browser window for you. Once the file is open you will see the same wording template three times within the same file on screen.

I have created the wording templates like this to save your paper.

You will get three of the same poem on one piece of paper instead of three separate sheets.

I really hope you like the new designs we have created here for you. And please, print out as many as you like. The Christmas baby shower wording poems are totally free for you to use. Enjoy.



Christmas Baby Shower Wording Poem – 1
The stockings are stuffed
And Christmas is near
So let’s have a party
Before the baby gets here.





Baby Shower Christmas Poem – 2
Add another stocking
To the Christmas mantle
A new baby is coming
A precious little bundle.





Christmas Baby Shower Wording Poem – 3
There’s a Christmas delivery on the way,
But the stork is bringing it – not St. Nick’s sleigh.





Baby Shower Christmas Poem – 4
We’re not decorating in red or green
It’s pink and blue that will be seen.
Join us for a Christmas baby shower for…





Christmas Baby Shower Wording Poem – 5
Though the weather out side is frightful
We’re having a baby shower, which will be simply delightful.





Christmas Baby Shower Poem – 6
Christmas is a special time of year
And soon someone special will be here.

So let’s have a shower for a couple dear
And spread about some Christmas cheer.





Baby Shower Christmas Wording Poem – 7
A new little Angel is on the way
And is expected on Christmas day.

Let’s get together give some gifts, and have some fun
And celebrate this special little one.





Along with the great range of free printable wording poems above, we have also put together a collection of adorable Christmas themed baby shower invitation cards here too.

The cards are unique and offer full personalization options throughout.

I hope you find the invitations useful for your Christmas themed baby shower party day.

Vintage Christmas
Baby Shower Invitations
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Hey, don’t forget your poems, you can print out as many festive wording poems as you like. All the poems I have put together here are completely free for you to use.

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