This fun packed Christmas baby shower themes page offers a festive selection of free printables for you to use for your Christmas themed baby shower party day.

All the free printables you will find “Right Here” have been totally re-vamped.

The new range of freebies have all been combined with superb Christmas themed baby graphics along with stunning new designs for you to choose from.

This merry mix now offers a wonderful selection of baby shower Christmas invitations, Christmas themed games and poems along with wording ideas and even a Christmas themed baby shower banner too.

You will find that each section not only offers free printable templates for you to use, they also include specific templates for baby boys, girls and neutral themed Christmas templates too.

I hope you find the new designs useful and don’t forget, all the freebies are just that, completely free for you to print out and use for your festive themed party day. Enjoy.



Looking for something a little different, then the Christmas themed baby shower invitations you will find “Right Here” may just do the trick.

This superb range offers eight free printable templates, from baby boy, girl and neutral themed invitation templates too.

See Examples Below.



All the designs are quick and easy to print out. Simply select the invitation you like the best and hit the print button directly beneath your invitation of choice.

The invitation will open up in a new browser window for you. From here you can view the invitation full screen, if you like it, select the print button from within the open file. Your chosen invitation will start to print out immediately for you.


Want to include a poem with the invitations, then you may just like the Christmas baby shower poemswe have put together here for you.

You will find a whopping selection of ten poems to choose from. Each poem includes two poem templates, the templates offer different designs but with the same poem used on each template.

See Examples Below.



If you would prefer to simply jot the poems down straight from screen, that’s fine to. You will find that each individual poem has been placed just above it’s corresponding poems templates.

This has been done so you can clearly read what the poems say before you print the templates out. It should also make things easier if you want to take the poem straight from screen instead.


Along with the poems above, you will find a full page of festive wording poems here too. The wording poems range from two to four lines in total and have all been designed on smaller wording templates.

Each wording poem offers a selection of three templates for you to choose from per poem.

See Examples Below.



Once a wording template file has been opened, you will notice that the same poem template appears three times within the open file. The templates have been designed in this way to save your paper and also your time. Enjoy.


For a fun packed party you may like to try the free printable Christmas themed baby shower games we have designed “Right Here”. This superb games package offers five festive games and puzzles for you to use.

See Examples Below.



Nearly all the games offer three designs for you to choose from. You will find baby boy and girl designs along with neutral themed games too.

The Christmas baby shower games include Christmas baby name games, word search puzzles, tricky Suduko puzzles, baby shower mix-up games and Christmas themed scramble games too.


This festive baby shower banner includes all the letters you need to create a banner that says CHRISTMAS SHOWER.

All the letters can be printed out individually and viewed on screen before you commit to print.

Each individual letter shows a print button directly beneath it. The print button let’s you know how many times the letter needs to be printed out in order to create the banner.

Once printed, simply string the letters together to create your banner effect or alternatively, tack each letter to the wall to create the banner effect your after.

You could also laminate the letters for outside use too. Enjoy.

I really hope you found the new designs useful for your Christmas themed party day. And don’t forget, all the printables are completely free for you to use. Have a great Christmas and a smashing New Year.