Couples Shower Poem Ideas

Couples shower poems, yes, this superb selection of couples baby shower poems are not to be missed. Yep, the coed baby shower team have been hard at work creating this fabulous range of coed shower poems that you could use for your couples themed baby shower party day.

Couples Baby Shower Poems

But the coed baby shower ideas here offer much more then poems alone, yes, they really do.

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Couples Shower Poems


Their family is about to grow
They are adding another little one
And we all just want to share
In all the laughter and the fun.
Let’s help this family out
And give gifts of baby gear
Because before you know it
The baby will be here!
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A little girl is on the way
With tiny hands and dainty toes
Will she have her daddy’s grin
Or her momma’s cute nose?
This sweet little baby girl
Soon will be here
And we all just can’t wait
For the (Smith) baby to appear.
So lets all get together
And help this couple out
With all kinds of baby gifts
That will help without a doubt.
From blankets, bottles, and pacifiers,
To little toys and clothes
Or maybe some baby diapers
No doubt they’ll use a lot of those.
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Make your plans now
To come and see
This special couple
Dad and mom to be.
This special baby shower
Is sure to be the best
So plan now and come along
We want you to be a guest.
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Mr. and Mrs. (Smith)
Have a baby on the way.
Let’s all help them prepare
For this very special day.
You’re invited to the shower
And bring along a gift.
Make sure you bring a smile and laugh
And kindness to uplift.
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Let’s have a baby shower
And celebrate on (Monday)
This brand new little baby
Who’s already on the way.
Let’s bring this couple blankets
And diapers, rattles and bibs.
And maybe sheets and blankets
That fit in baby cribs.
I know that they’ll be thankful
For the kindness brought their way
So let’s have some fun and shower them
With gifts and love on this special day.
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A special couple’s having a baby
As cute as can be.
Not sure whether it’s a boy or girl
So we’ll have to wait and see.
Make sure you come to the party
We want you to enjoy
As we celebrate the coming
Of this couple’s bundle of joy.
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Coed Baby Shower Invitations

A couples shower poem really needs an invitation too, don’t you think. If you do, then this next section is just for you.

Yep, the coed baby shower ideas here just keep on rolling. You will find three coed baby shower invitations to choose from “Right Here”.

Three pre-filled invitations along with three couples themed baby shower templates too. You could turn the baby shower templates in to coed baby shower thank you notes, this is a superb way of keeping your coed baby shower stationery the same from start to finish.


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