Couples Baby Shower Theme

Throwing a couples baby shower can be a huge amount of fun. This is a baby shower where both men and women are welcome.

Couples Baby Shower Poems

While these showers are traditionally for moms, adding in the guys brings a fun element to the shower that everyone is sure to enjoy.

After all, no doubt dad wants to celebrate his new baby too.

Of course, planning a couples shower theme can be a bit different than other types of showers.

So, here is your couples theme party guide that’s packed with free coed baby shower ideas, free couples baby shower invitations, free couples wording ideas and even free poems and games too.

Couples Baby Shower Invitations

Coed Baby Shower Invitations

When you’re sending out the invitations for a couples shower, you definitely want to make sure you mention that this is a baby shower couples affair.

This way the guys know that they too are invited to the shower.

Use the names of both the mom and the father on the invitations as well.

Make sure you choose couples babyshower invitations that aren’t too feminine as well so the guys know they’ll have a great time at the party too.



Coed Baby Shower Invitations

You may also like this superb selection of couples baby invitations here too.

This awesome collection offers three pre-filled invitations, along with three matching blank templates that you could use to write up your own invitations if you like.

Alternatively, why not use the blank templates as couples themed thank you notes to thank all your party guests for attending your shower, and of course for all the great babyshower gifts that you received.

Go take a look, all the couples invites are completely free for you to print out and use for your couples themed baby day.


Couples Invitations

Couples BabyShower Invitations Coed BabyShower Invitations Couples Themed Baby Shower Invitations

Take A Look – Couples Invitations and template sets.



Couples Baby Shower Poems

Couples Baby Shower Poems

If you like the couples baby shower ideas so far then you’re sure to love the coed baby shower poems here too.

But the poems are no ordinary poems.

Why, well I’ll let you into a little secret, all the couples poems can be printed off and used for free. Now is this couplelicious are what.

Go take a peek, I can guarantee you will love them.



Couples Baby Shower Wording Ideas

Couples Baby Shower Wording

But hey, not only will you find a great selection of free printable poems, you will also find the best couples baby shower wording ideas around.

The couples themed wording ideas are superb; you can view them on screen and print them off too.

All the coed wording ideas are free for you to use, easy to print out and look great too.





Coed Baby Shower Menu Templates

Want a superb way to introduce your coed baby shower themed menu to all your guests, then this fantastic selection of free printable menu templates may just do the trick.

The templates offer four designs for you to choose from. You will find leopard print couple designs along with background coed textured designs and menu templates that offer couples in varies shades of colors too.

All the templates are quick and easy to print, you can even view the menu templates on screen before you print them off.


Coed Menu Templates


Want to take a look, great. Just click on the coed baby shower menu link above, this will take you over to the page where you will find all the free menu templates we have to offer.



Couples Party Decorations

Coed Baby Shower Decorations

Want to decorate your couples party theme up in style.

Then the coed party decorations here are just for you.

You will find a huge selection of coed themed decorations here.

From favors, invitations, thank you notes, labels, couples party banners, name tags, candy wrappers and more.

The coed decorations here offer baby boy, girl and neutral themed decorations too.



Couples Baby Shower Games

Having games and activities at a coed baby shower is definitely a great idea, although you don’t have to. Not sure what kind of games and activities you should use? Here are several ideas to try.


Couples Advice

One of the most fun activities for a coed baby shower is to allow the other couples to tell some stories and give advice. Get everyone together and then go around the room and have each couple tell a funny story or share some of their own parenting advice to the parents-to-be.

This is sure to make the party intimate and fun for all.



New – Free Coed Baby Shower Games

Think your party guests know mom and dad well enough to be able to answer all the questions in this free printable coed baby shower game.

The game offers two sets of printable cards, one for mommy’s game and one for daddy’s game. Both sets include questions that your party guests need to answer to stand a chance of winning.

The individual person or team with the most correct answers will be crowned the champion or champions of the game.

Want to check them out, just click on the games links below.

Who Knows Daddy Game
Who Knows Daddy
Who Knows Mommy Game
Who Knows Mommy


A new browser window will open up for you with each game inside.

You can now view the games on screen, if you like them simply select the number of copies you want to print and hit the print button. You’re coed baby shower games will start to print out immediately.



Guess that Food

A fun game you can play at a couples shower themed party is Guess That Food.

Have several different types of baby food available at the shower. Blindfold the participants and have them taste a small bit of baby food and then guess what it is.

Just make sure you don’t buy anything too gross, and you probably won’t want to include the mom-to-be if she’s still dealing with queasiness on a regular basis.


Hope you enjoy all the couples theme ideas here,
have a superb baby shower party day.