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Diaper Cake Poems – 1
Here’s a cake for baby
Made with all my love
It comes with special wishes
For that blessing from above.

No, it’s not a cake you eat
There’s no icing to enjoy
But it holds plenty of diapers
For that little girl or boy.

Along with the cake of diapers
There’s some other little treats
Like baby socks and booties
To wear upon his/her feet.





Diaper Cake Poems – 2
I made a special cake for you
And while it looks so yummy
It’s not the kind of cake
You should put inside your tummy.

No calories to worry about
And not one gram of fat
So this cake won’t make your middle bigger
I can guarantee you that.

“Cut” into this cake and you’ll be surprised
And you’ll be surprised to see
A lot of little diapers
For your new little baby.

If you look a little closer
You’ll find other fun things too
Like some socks, some toys, and onesies
To use when the baby is due.





Diaper Cake Poems – 3
Here’s a cake of diapers
They are easy to throw away.
Because with a brand new baby
You’ll go through many each day.

I’ve put in a bib or two
In case of baby dribble
And a few cute socks are in the mix
To cover baby toes that wiggle.

A couple onesies you will find
Inside this diaper cake
Some powder, pins, and toys come too
To give mom a little break.

So don’t dig in
Don’t take a bite
This cake is not to eat –
That’s right!





Diaper Cake Poems – 4
Now here’s a cake
You can enjoy
It’s for your little
Baby boy.

No need to worry
About gaining weight
There’s no fat or calories
In this diaper cake.





Diaper Cake Poems – 5
Are you looking for the perfect cake
That won’t make you gain a pound of weight?

If so, you’ve finally found your delight
The perfect cake is just in site.

There’s no butter cream frosting on the top
And yet this cake is not a flop

You see, it’s not a cake to eat.
It’s for the baby, his butt, and feet.

There’s plenty of diapers and that’s not all.
You’ll find diaper pins, onesies, and a toy baby ball.

So this is one cake your doctor won’t mind
With all of that baby stuff, it’s definitely a find.





Diaper Cake Poems – 6
Being pregnant is a blessing
Whether it’s a girl or boy.
So I wanted to buy a gift
That you and baby would enjoy.

I debated over the crib
But I knew you had at least one
And then I looked at car seats
But that wasn’t very fun.

I wanted to get you something
That you’d use every day
Not something that would get overlooked
And merely put away.

I thought of something special
That I knew would be a treat
Something that the baby would use
Something you just can’t beat.

So I made up this diaper cake
I really hope you like it
It’s a gift right from my heart
I hope it’ll be a hit!





Diaper Cake Poems – 7
A special shower we are throwing
And we really hope you will be going.

We are having a theme and we’re telling everyone
It’s a diaper baby shower, and it’s sure to be fun.

Think diaper cakes, to help mom out
So the new baby doesn’t do without.

As most parents know, diapers aren’t cheap
So this shower is sure to help them out a heap.





Diaper Cake Poems – 8
When a new baby is born
There is so much to do
Buying clothing and decorating
And finding the right bedding too.

There are so many things
That the new parents need
That it becomes very easy
For them to get worried.

We want to help out
By throwing a party
And it’s going to be special
So you won’t want to be tardy.

Yes, we have a theme
And it’s all about diapers
Which is why we’re sending
Out these cute baby fliers.

Bring along some diapers
To help mom and dad
Because they’ll use them so often
So this gift is sure to make them glad.





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