Baby Shower Diaper Party Ideas

Make your baby shower diaper party extra special with this great range of diaper themed baby shower party ideas “Right Here”.

The diaper theme offers a fantastic selection of free printables for you to choose from for your party day.

You will find brand new diaper invitations, the collection includes baby boy and girl diaper invitation templates along with neutral themed diaper invites too.

How about a poem or two, this gigantic range of free printable diaper poems offers eight themed poems for you to choose from.

The individual poems now come with three sets of poem templates, instead of just one. You will find baby boy, girl and neutral themed designs here too.

You can even co-ordinate your diaper party menu templates.

The free printable menu templates have all been designed with the same adorable artwork as the diaper invitations and poem templates found here.

Along with the free printables above, we have also included a stunning range of personalized diaper invitation cards.

The diaper themed cards can be totally personalized with your own diaper themed wording ideas.

You may want to include that all important diaper cake, if you do, then the diaper cake selection we have put together here may just come in handy for your party day.

I really hope you find the diaper party ideas here useful. And don’t forget, you can use the free printables as many time as you like, their all completely free for you to use for you party day.

Diaper Baby Shower Ideas

Baby Shower Diaper Invitations

Diaper invitations are the way to go if you are planning a diaper themed baby shower party. The invitations will set your theme up right from the start. However, you definitely need to carefully word the diaper invitation cards.



Communicate within the invitation what kind of shower you are having so those invited will know to bring gifts that are essentials. It can be nice to provide a gift registry or even a list of essentials to help guests pick out appropriate gifts for the party.

Free Printable Diaper Invitations

The free printable diaper invitations have all been updated with wonderful diaper theme designs throughout.

All the invitation template sets now offer three invitations for you to choose from, instead of just one.

You will find three baby boy diaper invitation designs, three baby girl and three it’s a baby diaper themed invitation templates too.

See Examples Below.


You can use the diaper baby shower invitations as many times as you like, you could even print out all the invitations from the set of templates your interested in.

This would be fun to do as your party guests would then receive different invitation template designs in the mail.

Diaper Cake Poems

Want a fun way to introduce your diaper party theme to all your guests, try adding in a poem or two with the invitations. The free printable diaper cake baby shower poems you will find here offers eight themed poems for you to choose from.

See Examples Below.


You will find poems that you can include with your baby shower gifts, along with diaper themed invitation poems that can be sent out with your diaper invitation cards to all your party guests.

Diaper Cake Ideas

A diaper party and diaper cakes really do go hand in hand.

The diaper cake includes lots of baby essentials bits and bobs and makes the perfect baby shower gift for the parent-to-be.

This superb gift is ideal for a baby shower diaper cake themed party and looks fabulous as a baby shower centerpiece too.


You will find pretty princess and dashing little man themed diaper cakes along with fun loving under the sea critters cakes and not forgetting froggy frog, ducky duck and the all star themed diaper cakes too. You may like the alphabet baby cakes or maybe the gender reveal cakes here too.

Go on over and take a look at the baby shower diaper cake ideas here, you will find lots of variety to choose from.

Baby Shower Diaper Cake Menus

Why not show off your menu in style with this adorable selection of free printable diaper baby shower menu templates. The templates offer fun designs throughout.

From baby boy and girl diaper themed graphics thru to yellow diapers for a neutral themed shower party, and hey, we’ve even got a one of each themed menu template too.

See Examples Below.

Girl Diaper Baby Shower Menu Templates Neutral Diaper Themed Baby Shower Menu Templates Diaper Boys Baby Shower Menu Templates


Want to take a look, great. Just click on the diaper baby shower menu templates link here, you will find all the diaper themed templates we have put together here for you. Hope you like them.

Diaper Themed Baby Shower Games

Of course, a baby shower can’t go without some great activities and games. Here are a few great ideas that you can use.

Diaper the Baby Doll

This is a fun game and is sure to bring lots of laughs. You need some diapers and a baby doll. Have everyone diaper the baby doll as fast as they can. Time everyone. See who can do the best job in the least amount of time.

Guess the Diapers

When you make or purchase the diaper baby shower cake count the diapers that you use or that are included in the cake.

As everyone comes into the shower, have them write down on a small piece of paper their name and how many diapers they think are in the cake.

Collect the slips of paper. Whoever gets the closest to the truth wins.

Diaper Party Favors

For the favors, there are many great options you can find for a diaper themed baby shower party.

You may like the mini baby shower wet wipes here, the anti-bacterial wet wipes come in a variety of theme ideas and include 30 wipes per container.

This little favor will help to keep their hands lovely and clean and with the moisturizing aloe vera contained within each wipe will help to keep their hands smooth and soft too.

All the mini wet wipes are fragrance free.

I hope we have given you some great ideas to use for your diaper party themed shower day. And don’t forget, all the free printables are just that, completely free for you to use time and time again. Enjoy.