Find adorable Easter baby poems for your Easter themed baby shower party day “Right Here”.

The full collection offers eight themed poems for you to chose from.

You will find Easter themed baby shower invitation poems for baby boys, girls and neutral themed Easter poems too.

Each poem offers three templates for you to chose from, all the templates have been designed with delightful Easter baby artwork throughout.

From bunny baby shower babies, all dressed up in blue and pink thru to little chicks and Easter eggs and even Easter egg themed bunny baskets too.

You can print out as many Easter baby poems as you like for your party day. All the poems are completely free for you to use. Enjoy.


Easter Themed Poem – 1
Easter time is almost here
And soon there will be a baby dear.

We want to help momma out a bit
And find baby clothes that really fit.

Baby bibs and bottles will help her too
And of diapers there should be a few.

So come one come all to this Easter shower
Let’s celebrate this little flower.





Easter Themed Poem – 2
We need diapers and bottles galore
And pins and onesies, and so much more.

You see on Easter a baby is due
And we’re calling on all of you.

Come help us celebrate a new baby sweet
There will be games, and fun, and good things to eat.





Easter Themed Poem – 3
It’s almost Easter time
And everyone knows
That Carrie’s having a baby
With little fingers and toes

We want to help momma
By doing a very special thing
So come to the shower
With something to bring.





Easter Themed Poem – 4
A special baby shower
I’m going to be hosting
So this invitation
I’m going to be posting.

You should be there
To help celebrate
So make sure you’re free
On this special date.

Come along and make sure
You enjoy the Easter fun
With gifts for mom
And Easter candy for everyone.





Easter Themed Poem – 5
Please come to this special Easter baby shower
Just make sure you arrive at the special hour.

Send your replay, and don’t you wait
And no, you shouldn’t hesitate.

So say yes so we can put you on the list
Cause it’s a baby shower you won’t want to miss.





Easter Themed Poem – 6
I hope that you will come
To surprise a special mother
You can enjoy the Easter shower
And enjoy time with one another.

This occasion is going to be
A very special shower
Cause baby is due on Easter
And it’s getting close by the hour.

While baby isn’t here yet
To say thanks for gifts you’ve brought
There’s no doubt that mommy
Will love the gifts you’ve brought.

So come enjoy some cake
And an Easter egg hunt too
We’ll have a great time together
And hopefully baby will be here soon.





Easter Themed Poem – 7
On Easter morning
We’re expecting a baby boy
And he’s sure to be
A little bundle of joy.

So we’re having a shower
Come with gifts on this date
For all the baby items
Mom is sure to appreciate.

Because when Easter comes
She’ll be singing lullabies
And looking into
The babies beautiful eyes.





Easter Themed Poem – 8
Tom and Suzie
Have a baby on the way
And you’ll never guess
The big day.

The due date is Easter
So we’ve got to help out
They need some baby things
We can’t leave them without.

This baby is precious
So let’s celebrate and share
There will be plenty of food
And fun to spare.





Want to co-ordinate your poems with the invites, well now you can. You will find nine fully co-ordinated Easter themed baby shower invitation templates “Right Here”.

See Examples Below.


The invitations have all been designed with the same adorable Easter themed artwork as the poems. You can select from three baby boy themed templates, three girl and three neutral themed templates too. All the invitations are completely free for you to use. Hope you like them.