Flower Baby Shower Theme

Throwing a flower baby shower theme, then this superb selection of baby shower floral ideas will have you budding along in no time at all.

Yes, the floral shower team have been busy, they’ve come up with a fantastic range of new party bouquets that you may just like to use for your own themed party day.

So what will you find Right Here?

Well this little flower patch offers a whole host of baby shower freebies. From floral invitations thru to free baby shower poems too, yep, this stunning selection is not to be missed.

And what about flower themed party ware, you will find a full page of gorgeous blooms “Right Here”.

From butterfly and flower banners thru to favors, sticker labels, placemats, candy wrappers, complete baby shower party packs and even diaper cakes to.

The decoration ideas are as cute as they come; they really will have your party theme in full bloom right from the start.

Want to take a wonder down the page, great. You’re sure to find a blossom or two from this wonderful collection of flower baby shower theme ideas here. Have fun.

Floral Party Invitations

This fabulous selection offers a whole host of flower baby shower invitations for you to choose from, you will find invitation cards for boys, girls and neutral themed invites too.

We’ve got daisy cards, blooming carriage cards in pink, blue and yellow, butterfly flower cards, tropical invitation cards, garden themed cards and even cheerful flower cards too.

This beautiful floral patch can be personalized too, just select the invitation card you like the best and personalize away. Yep, it’s that easy. Enjoy.



Printable Invitation Cards

Now if you’re looking for a fantastic selection of baby shower floral invitation cards then you’re in for a treat. This awesome range offers three pre-filled invitation cards along with matching baby shower invitation templates too.

Yep, the baby shower floral cards are simply superb.

You will find flower baby shower invites for baby boys, girls and neutral themed invites too. The blank baby shower templates offered here are ideal to use as thank you notes, they offer the same design as the invites and are so easy to print out and use.


Flower Invitations

Girl Flower Themed Shower Invitations Neutral Themede Flower BabyShower Invitations


Got your flower pruners handy, you may want to take a few cuttings whilst you’re here.



Free Flower Baby Shower Poems

Not sure about the poem, well we have just the thing.

Baby Shower Flower Poems

Free printable flower themed poems, yep, the poems here will make sure your baby shower guests know that the theme of the shower your hosting is all about flowers.

Yes, the wording for baby shower invitation ideas here will really add that delicate touch to your flower themed party day.

And hey, all the poems have been placed on their own themed templates (see illustration), the poem templates match the free printable flower invitations offered on this page too, how great is that.

Pop on over and see what you think, they really are worth checking out.



Flower Baby Shower Decoration Ideas

Decorating for a floral theme baby shower can be a lot of fun and with a baby shower flower theme it’s easy to come up with decorative flower ideas that everyone will love.

As the theme of the shower is flowers you may want to use some flowers throughout your baby shower venue rooms. If you want to keep it simple, just going with a few beautiful flower arrangements and floral decorations can be enough to create a beautiful atmosphere for your shower theme.

Of course, you can get more elaborate with it as well.

One fun option is to sprinkle flower petals on the food table and the gift table to. These petals can easily be found at florist shops and usually they are not very expensive.

Flower arrangements on your main table are a great idea as well. Another option is to fill small baby bottles with water and add flowers to them; the baby bottle vases will emphasize the theme and make beautiful decorations for your baby shower party day.

Floating candles shaped like flowers can be a lovely option too. It’s also nice to go ahead and purchase a pretty corsage for mom to wear during the flower baby shower party as well.



Butterfly and Flower Decorations

Butterfly and Flowers Baby Shower Decorations

This wonderful range of baby shower decorations offers a wide selection of themed baby shower products for you to choose from.

You will find invitations, placemats, banners, candy wrappers, favor bags, lip balm favors, flower tags and more. The flower theme ideas here are perfect for a spring or summer time baby shower party.



Flower Baby Shower Game Ideas

A baby shower always needs some great games and activities to get the fun going. One exciting idea is to play a version of flower Pictionary. For this game, divide your guests into two teams.

Every team should have paper and pencils to draw with. Have each team designate someone to draw (This can be rotated around so each person in the team gets a go at drawing).

The first drawer should start sketching out clues (no words, letters or numbers or body gestures are to be used) for the flower she/he has in mind. The point goes to the team that figures out the flower first.

Play a few rounds and see who wins. Just a few flower ideas for the game include tulips, iris, sunflower, daisy, rose, marigold, daffodil, and more.



Flower Baby Shower Prizes and Favors

It’s always nice to give out some nice prizes to game winners and some favors to your guests to thank them for coming. Go with favors that go along with the baby shower flowers theme.

Little packs of flower seeds are a nice little favor to give. Small potted flowers are often inexpensive and a beautiful favor as well. Other great ideas for prizes and favors include flower shaped keychains, candles in floral scents, pads of paper with floral designs, or even cute flower pots with tasty treats inside.


Flower Pot Pen Favor

Price: 19.88
Miniature Flower Pot Favors
Miniature Flower Pots

Price: 18.59
Flower Salt and Pepper Shakers
Flower Blossom Ceramic Salt and Pepper Shakers

Price: 14.00


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From floral themed flower pot pens thru to miniature flower pot favors
and adorable blossom salt and pepper shakers too.