Free Baby Shower Poems For A Baby Shower Sprinkle

Free baby shower poems with a sprinkle in mind. Yes, this fun selection of baby shower sprinkle poems will really add that extra sparkle to your baby shower invitation cards.

You will find five sprinkle themed shower poems to choose from here, buy hey, that’s not all.

The sprinkle shower team have been hard at work, yep, they’ve turned all the sprinkle poems in to printables too. They really have.

Sprinkle Shower Poem

So not only can you read and use the sprinkle poems straight from screen, you can now print them all off and as many times as you like.

Want to know the best part; all the sprinkle shower poems are completely free for you to use, yep, the free baby shower poems are just that, totally free for you to print and use as often as you like.

Want to take a look, just swing on down the page and you will find all the sprinkle themed shower poems we have to offer.

To view and print the poems, simply select a sprinkle themed poem you like the best and follow the link instructions directly beneath your poem of choice.

Once the link is clicked a new browser window will open up for you with your selected sprinkle theme shower poem inside. You can now view and print your poem off.

Please be aware: The files containing the poems may take a little time to open due to the sprinkle graphics used to create the free baby shower poems. Please give the files time to open, they are defiantly worth the wait, I promise.


Free Baby Shower Poems


Another baby is on the way;
A new little one to make mommy’s day.
Big sister (brother) just can’t wait
For the big day he/she meets the new nursery-mate.
Mom and Dad are excited, it’s true,
They just can’t wait for baby number two.
A girl or a boy will be just fine with them
And they’re praying God will give them another little gem.
So now it is time that you do your part
And bring some cool gifts that come from the heart.
A baby sprinkle will be just enough to do
A great way to tell mom and baby, I love you.
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Mom is excited and Dad is thrilled
It’s for another dream to be fulfilled.
Their adding another one to the family tree,
No doubt she’ll be another beauty.
Now you’re invited to the baby sprinkle
Let’s pull of this party without a wrinkle.
We all want to do our part to help mom out
And she’ll be surprised, there’s no doubt.
So what should you bring for baby number two ?
After all, many of moms baby items are still like new.
There will be diapers to buy and so much more
And cute little clothes that she will adore.
Bottles and powder, pacifiers and wipes
All make great gifts for new little tykes.
Onesies and blankets are great gifts too
And cute little toys that make babies coo.
So make sure your on time for the party fun
We know you’ll enjoy it a ton.
We’ll celebrate life, open gifts, eat some cake
And wish dad well with his little namesake.
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Guest what happened
Moms having one more
That means there are things they need
Like diapers galore.
We’re having a party
To help them out
We’ll give them gifts
And surprise them with a shout
Just remember for a minute
This is the second time around
So forget the expensive gifts
There simpler things to be found.
Mom already has the crib
The car seat, and high chair
So brings things like bottles
Some bibs and a toy bear.
Most things they have,
But they need a few things
So let’s work together
And give them some blessings.
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It’s just a little party
To help out a friend
Who’s having a baby
It’s the second my friend.
We’re all going to help
And shower them with baby stuff
Just a few things will do
Since they already have enough.
Join us for fun and games
Some laughs and some tears
Let’s make it a sprinkle
She’ll remember for years.
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A new little baby is entering the world
And we all need to do our part
So we want to have a baby sprinkle
And show some love from the heart.
It’s always fun to have a new baby
Whether it’s baby one, two, or three
Whether it’s a boy or a girl
It’s sure to be a cutie.
Some come bearing gifts
For the new mom to be
Something for the new little one
And perhaps something for mommy.
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