Jungle Baby Shower Invitations

Jungle baby shower invitations that roar with wild jungle fun can be found Right Here, but watch out, those tigers can bite and the monkeys, well, their as cheeky as they come.

Safari Baby Shower Invitations

But hey, if you manage to get to the bottom of the page without even a scratch then you’re sure to find the most adorable and cutest jungle baby shower invites around.

Our fun loving expedition team really have come up with a great selection of baby shower invitation cards for you to browse through.

You will find boy and girl invitation cards thru to really wild neutral themed invitation cards too.

The entire selection of jungle fun invitations can be personalized with your own themed wording, you can even view the changes you make to the cards on screen as you go, this makes the whole process of building your cards easy and fun.

Hope you find a card you like.
But don’t say I didn’t warn you – Tigers and Monkeys oh no.


Jungle Baby Shower Invitations



Jungle Baby Invitations
Joyful Jungle: Coast

Price: 0.59

Joyful Jungle: Blushing

Price: 0.59

Precious Cargo: Wave

Price: 0.99

Precious Cargo: Azalea

Price: 0.99

Playful Peeking: Wild Strawberry

Price: 0.99

Funfari™ – Fun Safari Jungle – Shaped Baby Shower Invitations

Price: 1.69



Jungle Baby Shower ideas

Jungle Baby Shower Poems

So the jungle explorers arrived back in one piece and decided that the jungle baby shower invitations needed a little extra jungle fun added into the mix.

Not only did they find the invitations above, they pushed the jungle boundaries and come up with this fantastic selection of Free printable jungle shower poems for you to use as well.

You can use the poems however you like, just promise me you will have a roaring good time.



Wild Baby Shower Theme Ideas

Now with all the excitement on this page you would think our trepid explorers would be well and truly worn out, oh no, they just keep on going and going.

They really want you to have the best baby party ever, so what have they been up to I hear you ask.

Well in a nutshell, themes. They have found a superb selection of baby shower themes with every imaginable Jungle themed product you can think of.


Monkey Baby Shower Boy
Monkey Boy
Theme Ideas
Safari Baby Shower
Theme Ideas
Monkey Baby Shower Girl
Monkey Girl
Theme Ideas


From jungle baby shower party packs through to baby shower favors, diaper cakes, gifts, tableware, name tags, jungle baby shower invitations and oh my goodness there is so much more.

Of course, this babyshower team doesn’t do things by half measures; they found jungle themes for boys and girls and adorable safari themes too.

Hope you enjoy what the team have put together here, they really do have your best interests at heart (or maybe I should say jungle hearts). Have a brilliant baby shower party day.