Jungle Products For A Baby Girl Shower Theme

ungle products with an added monkey twist, yes this fun selection of monkey baby shower products will really get your baby girl shower party flying through those jungle tree tops in no time at all.

The wild explorers have been on the case and discovered a rare breed of jungle monkeys, but hey, the monkeys here are no ordinary monkeys, their full on baby shower theme monkeys, cute, cuddly and mischievous too. Yep, this fun loving lot will really make your baby girl shower theme a jungle hit right from the start.

The baby shower jungle products offer monkey themed baby shower diaper cakes, complete theme party packs, personalized banners and garlands, dinner plates, cupcake wrappers, balloons and this little girl baby shower party theme just keeps growing by the minute.

Swing on down and take a look, you’re sure to find a monkey or two misbehaving.


Monkey Baby Shower Girl Ideas


Banner – Monkey Girl Personalized Baby Shower Banner

Price: 19.99

Monkey Girl – Baby Shower Dinner Plates – 8 ct

Price: 3.99

Monkey Girl – Personalized Baby Shower Square Diaper Cakes – 3 Tier

Price: 89.99

Monkey Girl – Baby Shower Cupcake Wrappers

Price: 0.69

Monkey Girl – Baby Shower 32 Big Dot Bundle

Price: 49.99

Monkey Girl – Personalized Baby Shower Garland Banner

Price: 24.99

Monkey Girl – Baby Shower Candy Stand and 13 Candy Boxes

Price: 19.99

Monkey Girl Baby Shower – 32 Person Party Kit

Price: 99.99

Mischievous Monkey Girl – Balloon Kit for Baby Showers

Price: 9.99



Baby Shower Game Ideas

Ready for a jungle adventure, great, then follow the jungle explorers to find a whole bag full of jungle treasures just waiting to be claimed.

Yes, the explorers have not only dug up this wonderful selection of jungle products, they’ve also unearthed this fantastic selection of jungle themed baby games too.

The jungle games are outstanding; you really won’t find another jungle themed games pack like this on the internet today.


Jungle Theme Games

Jungle Baby Shower A - Z Game Jungle Baby Shower Animal Match Game Jungle Themed BabyShower Bingo Game
Baby Shower Jungle Games Jungle Shower Themed Word Search Game Jungle Babyshower Draw Game

Take A Look – Jungle Baby Shower Games bundle.


But hey, are you ready for the best part, yes all the jungle baby shower games are totally free for you to print out and play.

What do you think about that, yes this jungle bundle is awesome, just swing on over and take a look. You’ll love them, I promise.



Safari Baby Shower Stationery

Need an invitation or two, climb on board this jungle boat where you will find three sets, yes three sets of safari baby shower themed stationery sets for your jungle baby shower party day.


Safari Themed Invites

Safari Baby Shower Invitations

Safari Themed Shower Invitations

Safari BabyShower Invitations

Take A Look – Safari Invitations and template sets.


The sets includes, one pre-filled invitation, one blank safari theme template, one thank you note and six safari themed baby shower labels too. Hope you like them.

Hope the Jungle Products and all the Jungle fun ideas really help towards making your baby girl Jungle theme a top notch baby shower day.