Baby Shower Jungle Theme

Ready for a jungle theme that offers all the trimmings, yes, this awesome themes page will have you well and truly jungled out in no time at all.

The baby shower explorers have been on a mission to find all things jungle related for your wild and exciting themed party day.

Did they bring back the goods, they sure did.

Not only will you discover great ideas on this page, you will also unearth a superb selection of free baby shower printables too.

Want invitations, thank you notes and labels well we have them by the trunk load, how about printable poems, yep, you will find them here to.

Hey, not to mention the biggest selection of free printable jungle themed baby shower games you ever did see.

The game ideas are simply jaw dropping, they really are. Not only will you find over 20 themed jungle games to play, you will also find unique jungle book baby shower game ideas here too.

And this is just for starters; you will need to explore your way down the page to find all the great jungle theme ideas we offer here.

Have fun with your expedition.

Jungle Baby Shower Invitations

Jungle Baby Shower Invitations

If you’re going with a jungle theme, start out by including this shower theme in the invitations that you send out.

This is a great way to introduce the theme you’ll be using to those who are going to attend.

Consider making your own shower invitations with jungle theme clipart. Another idea is to find paper with a jungle theme, or even some stickers to give your invitations a jungle flavor.

You may like the personalized jungle baby shower invitations here too. Yep, this superb selection offers invitations for baby girls and boys and neutral themed baby shower cards too.

Like monkeys, then you will find lots of these little fellows swinging in the jungle trees, how about lions, elephants and zebras too, yep, they all make an appearance on these baby shower invitation cards too.

Swing on over and take a look, I think you’ll love them.




Free Monkey Theme Invites

Hey, you can even use the free baby shower jungle invitations right here.

Yep, you will find funky monkey invitations for baby girls, boys and neutral themed monkey invitations here too.

But hey, these cheeky monkeys offer much more then invitations alone. Yes, you will find the invitations come with matching monkey theme templates too. How Junglelicious is that.

Go on, swing on over and take a look, these little monkeys are fun, fun, fun.


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Girl Jungle Baby Shower Invitation
Girl Jungle Baby Shower Invitation Template Boy Jungle Baby Shower Invitation
Boy Jungle Baby Shower Invitation Template Neutral Jungle Baby Shower Invitation



Safari Baby Shower Stationery Sets

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Free Safari Baby Shower Invitations

Want some more wild ideas, then this awesome selection of free printable safari baby shower ideas will really drive you bananas.

Yep, you get three separate safari theme sets that include one pre-filled invitation, one safari baby shower invitation template and matching themed safari baby shower thank you notes too.

But hey, the safari fun doesn’t stop here, oh no, this little stampede also offers six adorable safari themed baby shower labels too.

Why not pop on over and take a look at the safari themed animals “Right Here”.



Jungle Baby Shower Menu Templates

This jungle trail just keeps on going, yep, we have more jungle goodies up our trees, we really do. How about free printable Jungle themed baby shower menu templates.

Yes, the junglicious team have created six menu templates that you can print off and use for your baby shower party day.

But hey, you won’t find boring templates here, oh no. We’ve got vibrant monkeys, pink elephants (yes, I did say pink), jungle vines, bunches of bananas and baby girl and boy monkeys too.


Jungle Menu Templates


The jam packed templates can be printed off in a flash. Just select the template you want to use, click on the link underneath your menu choice and your menu template will open up in a new browser window for you.

You can now view and print as many copies as you like. Enjoy.



Jungle Baby Shower Poems

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Free Jungle Baby Shower Poems

This wild and crazy bunch will really add that junglelicious touch to your baby shower party theme right from the start.

Ready to take a swing through the vine leaves, great, simply click on this baby shower poems link where you will find a rather cheeky monkey, whoops I meant to say a whole page full of jungle poems with a really wild twist.

Yes, all the poems can be printed off straight from screen for your baby shower day, the poems have been set on adorable shower themed paper (see illustration) and are ready and waiting to pounce off that printer for your baby shower jungle party day.



Jungle Party Supplies

Decorating for a jungle baby shower can be a lot of fun. Start out by asking everyone you know for their stuffed animals and have stuffed animals everywhere.

Safari Baby Shower

Add some greenery and leaves and vines to the area to make it look like a jungle. Use leopard print, palm branches, and even some bamboo to the room.

You can find jungle sounds on CD’s or even on the internet to play during the shower. Consider purchasing jungle themed shower napkins and plates to keep the theme going.

Monkey Baby Shower Boy

You could also take a look at this wonderful selection of jungle themed party supplies right here. This superb range offers everything you need to host a wild and exciting jungle theme for the parents-to-be.

Monkey Baby Shower Girl

Find a whole host of safari baby shower supplies along with baby boy and girl monkey theme ideas too.

The themes really do offer an excellent selection of baby shower themed jungle products for you to choose from. Have fun.


Jungle Baby Shower Game Ideas

Want to include a couple of jungle fun baby shower game ideas to.

Well, we really do have a jungle sized treat in store for you.

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Free Jungle Baby Shower Games

Yes, the baby shower explorers have gone ape and come up with a trunk full of baby shower games for you to print off and play.

This really is a super sized collection of free printable shower games, you will not find a collection of jungle baby shower game ideas anywhere like this on the internet today. I kid you not.

So have you got your explorer boots ready, I hope so, as we have a long trek ahead of us, but hey, I didn’t say it wouldn’t be fun.

See the free baby shower games over there, yes; you can print them off for your jungle themed baby shower day. You will find two fun packed games “how long does it take” and “name the baby”.

The games are lots of fun to play, easy to print and jungle themed all the way through.


Baby Shower Game Pack Bundle

Ready to set this jungle theme on fire.

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Jungle Baby Shower Games Pack

Then I can assure you, you really will be swinging through those vine leaves with pure delight as you discover this awesome selection of free printable jungle theme baby shower party games.

Yes, this is a jungle bundle like no other, you get over 20 themed jungle party games to print out and play for no cost at all.

So what’s in this jungle bundle that makes it so unique, well I’m glad you asked.

You will find baby shower bingo cards, bingo templates, bingo markers, word searches, crossword puzzles, sudoku puzzles, unique draw game ideas, raffle tickets, language match puzzles, animal match puzzles, word mix puzzles, animal group puzzles to name but a few.

This babyshower bundle is superb, you really shouldn’t side track this jungle opportunity, I can assure you, you will be amazed at the amount of baby shower games on offer here.


Jungle Book Baby Shower Game Ideas

How’s the feet doing, a little achy yet from all this trekking, well we’ve got more ground to cover yet, so come on, follow me.

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Jungle Book Baby Shower Games

Where are we going, on a jungle book baby shower trail, yep that’s right, this fun jungle theme has now been rolled into two themes instead of one. How great is that.

All the jungle book baby shower games over there will really blow you away. Yes the games here are well and truly worth a look.

You will find sudoku puzzles, crossword puzzles, word searches, mix and match puzzles, trivia quiz games, song games, bingo sets, bingo templates, bingo markers, raffle tickets and phew the jungle games have gone into overdrive.

But hey, to play these games you will certainly need to know your jungle book characters to stand a change of winning, yes, all the games relate to junglebook characters and junglebook songs too.

But don’t worry, all the games are great fun to play and will provide plenty of entertainment along the way.


Jungle Baby Shower Favor Ideas

This jungle mania has totally gone bananas, yes not only will you find all the jungle goodies above, you will also discover a full pack of jungle baby shower favors here too.

Yep, this friendly lot offers safari themed baby shower favor boxes, adorable baby shower candle favors and a fearsome selection, no just kidding, the cutest selection of jungle baby shower place card holders too.


Jungle Baby Shower Place Card Holders
Mini Jungle Animal Baby Shower Place Card Holders

Price: 10.25
Jungle Favor Boxes
Mini Jungle Animal Favor Boxes

Price: 20.28

Jungle Critters Candle Favor

Price: 13.28


Hope this jungle baby shower theme has given you some great
baby shower ideas and tips. Have a fantastic Baby Shower Jungle Day.