Ocean Shower Poems

Ocean shower poems, yep, this fun selection of sea life baby poems will have your ocean themed party splashing along right from the start.

But hey, the baby invitation poems here will really blow your barnacles right out of the water, they really will.

You see, these little treasures, well, not only can you read and use them straight from screen, you can print them all off too.

Yep, I know, how great is that.

And hey, the poems are completely free for you to use for your baby shower party day.

You really will be all at sea with the ocean baby shower invitation wording ideas “Right Here”.

Want to print them out, just select the ocean themed baby poem you would like to use and follow the link instructions directly beneath your poem or poems of choice.

Once the treasure chest is clicked, whoops, I meant to say once the link is clicked a new browser window will open up for you with the poem inside.

You can now view and print your selected poem off.

Just a quick note, Please give the ocean shower poems files a little time to open, the files have lots of great sea critter themed images in them which may cause the files to open slowly.


Ocean Shower Poems


It can take quite a bit of planning
To prepare for a new child
So get some gifts together
Make this baby shower worthwhile.
Lets take some time and celebrate
With a ocean baby shower theme
So come on ladies, let’s have some fun
And make the new mommy’s eyes gleam.
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Think about oceans as blue as can be
Remember a mom who has a new baby.
Consider the sand, the surf, and the sun
Remember this theme and make sure you can come.
Bring a nice gift to match this cute ocean themed shower
And come ready to laugh, eat some food, and have fun for hours.
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the poem in your browser.


We’ve planned a fabulous party
We want you all to come
To celebrate a baby
To show him/her off to everyone.
There’s a special theme for the shower
We don’t want you to forget
It’s all about the ocean
So come prepared to get wet.
We’ll have fun for everyone
And gifts for the new mum
So plan ahead and be on time
This boat will leave at one.
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Please come and be my guest
This baby shower will be the best.
It’s all about the ocean blue
Come one and all – yes that means you.
Bring a gift to help the parents out
And be prepared, “surprise,” to shout.
Yes, we’ll have fun as we sail away
Into this special baby shower day.
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Ocean Baby Invitations

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