Looking for printable baby shower game ideas, then you really are in the right place. This fantastic range of babyshower games offers a wide selection of fun party games for you to choose from.

Nearly all the games now offer a variety of themed templates.

So for example, if you decide you like the baby boy baby shower games you will notice that each individual game offers three game templates to select from, instead of just one.

You could even use all the templates if you like.

This would be fun to do as your party guests would get different template designs to play with for the game or games you have selected.

All the games are free printables too.

You can print out as many games as you like for your party day and all for free.

The game selection includes baby boy and girl games, sporty baby shower games and Noah’s ark themed baby shower games to.

You will also find baby shower bingo games that include gift bingo games, blank baby shower bingo game templates and a selection of 20 card bingo games for baby boys, girls and neutral themed bingo templates to.

Along with all the games above you will also find jungle themed baby shower games and under the sea game ideas too.

If you’re after holiday themed games, then your in for a treat.

The full collection includes Halloween baby shower games, Christmas baby shower games, Thanksgiving baby shower games and not to mention the Easter themed party games too.

I really hope you enjoy the printable baby shower game ideas we have put together here for you. And don’t forget, you can print out as many babyshower games as you like, their all completely free for you to use. Enjoy.



Please note: The printable baby shower game ideas are for home use only. Please do not remove them from this page if you intend to use them for anything else. Just to make you aware, I monitor the content / images and PDF files on a regular basis to detect any misuse of the material found througout this website.



This superb selection of It’s a boy babyshower games offers five fun games for you to print out and play. One fun game from the collection is the Baby Boy Name Game Race.

See Examples Below.


With this game, your guests will race to come up with baby boy names for every letter of the alphabet. It’s fun to see what names your guests have written down at the end of the game.


Throwing a baby girl shower party, then you may just like this superb collection of free printable baby shower game ideas “Right Here”.

See Examples Below.


All the printable baby shower games are brand new and include baby girl word search puzzles, baby girl scramble games, baby girl name game race games and not to mention the little girl bingo games and blank themed bingo templates too. Enjoy.


If you’re using the adorable and popular Noahs Ark shower theme, you’ll find adorable Noah’s Ark themed party games that are sure to make your shower an extra special one.

See Examples Below.


Have fun with special Noah’s Ark bingo games to get your shower started. Try the Noah’s Ark Shower themed Mix-up games and the word scramble game that comes with a Noah’s Ark theme.


If you’re throwing a baby shower with a sports theme, you’ll love all the baby shower sports ideas“Right Here”. You will find two great games featured here that are sure to make your sports theme extra fun.

See Examples Below.


Enjoy doing an exciting sports word scramble, use the baseball baby shower word search, or add both to your shower for even more laughs and excitement.


Most people enjoy playing bingo, which means that baby shower bingo games are the perfect addition to any baby shower party day. We offer a variety of great bingo games for you to check out.

See Examples Below.

Neutral Baby Shower Bingo Game


Try the girl themed bingo games, the boy themed bingo games, the jungle bingo games or choose the neutral game offered instead.

For each bingo set, you will find 20 bingo cards that are pre-filled, and even baby shower themed bingo markers and a spare template just in case you want to create your own bingo cards for your baby shower themed party day.


Enjoy the bingo games above, then you’re sure to love this superb baby shower gift bingo game too. This free printable babyshower game can be played in two ways.

You can play the gift bingo version with the pre-filled game cards provided in the downloadable games file; alternatively you could try out the regular bingo game instead.

See Examples Below.


To play the regular bingo game simply print out and cut up the master games file provided, the master games sheet contains all the words used on the bingo cards. Place all the words into a bag; you are now ready to play your regular baby shower bingo game.

The full bingo games kit includes:-

  •   20 Pre-filled bingo cards.
  •   Shower themed bingo markers.
  •   One blank baby gift bingo template.
  •   Master copy word template – For use when playing the regular bingo game.

Hope you have loads of fun playing the game.


Want to bingo some more, then these must see baby shower bingo templates are sure to get you into a bingo frenzy. This fantastic range of blank baby shower bingo cards offers a whopping selection for you to choose from.

See Examples Below.


You will find baby boy and girl bingo templates, neutral themed templates and full on bingo themed template cards too.

From ducky bingo cards thru to Noah’s Ark, all star, diaper themed bingo cards, under the sea and coed themed bingo templates along with jungle and footprint bingo cards too. Nearly forgot to mention, we also offer a brand new range of Halloween baby shower bingo card templates here too.

All the printable baby shower game ideas here are totally free for you to print out and play. Stroll on over and take a look, I think you may like the new bingo card templates we have put together here for you.


Another new selection of great baby shower game ideas offered here is the under the sea baby shower games. We offer lots of exciting games that are unique and colorful.

See Examples Below. 


The first one is a special Sea Critters counting game. Everyone will be counting like crazy and laughing while playing this game. How about the word scramble game with sea life as the theme. See who can unscramble all the creatures the fastest.

You may like the name the sea critters game to. Your baby shower guests must fill their game cards up as quickly as possible with all the sea critters they can think of.


“In the jungle, the mighty jungle…” You’re sure to enjoy the great jungle themed games we have available for your jungle baby shower party day. It’s fun to make everything about animals in the jungle, which our Animal Matching Games does perfectly.

See Examples Below.


This game allows guests to match the animal with the length of time they carry their babies. See how accurate your guests will be and get laughs when you realize how much you don’t know about animals.


Your jungle theme baby shower, well, if you want a superb selection of free printable baby shower games all with a jungle twist, then take a look “Right Here”.

This whopping range offers over 20 jungle themed baby shower games for you to print off and play for your jungle themed baby shower party day. You will find jungle party games that will really get your jungle theme swinging.

See Examples Below.


From word searches, word mix-up games, raffle tickets, crossword puzzles, animal match games, jungle draw games, animal group games, language games, jungle theme game templates and that”s just for starters. This really is a jungle bundle not to be missed.


The Jungle Book has always been an exciting movie and it can be a lot of fun to plan a baby shower around this book and film. We have a great selection of printable shower games for the perfect Jungle Book baby shower.

See Examples Below.


Have fun doing a Jungle Book baby shower crossword puzzle, an exciting Sudoku puzzle, or add the word search to your shower. You’ll find other exciting games to use as well, such as a Trivia Quiz, Mix and Match, and more.



Are you having a spooky Halloween baby shower? If so, this is definitely a theme that you can have a lot of fun with, especially with the free printable halloween baby shower games here.

See Examples Below.


Get their brains working hard with a Halloween Baby Shower Scramble that uses plenty of spooky Halloween words. You’ll even find a special bingo game with a Halloween theme along with a fun to play mix – up game to.

All the games offer three Halloween templates for you to select from. You will find baby boy Halloween templates, baby girl and neutral themed templates to.


For lots of fun and laughter try out this brand new collection of Thanksgiving baby shower games“Right Here”.

The printable baby shower game ideas have all been re-designed. You will find exciting new baby games to play along with adorable Thanksgiving game template designs to.

See Examples Below.


We have Thanksgiving trivia games, baby shower mix – up games, word scramble games and a fun to play Thanksgiving baby name game race to.


A Christmas baby shower is always special. We have some wonderful Christmas baby shower gamesthat will make your shower even more exciting. Since you’re doing everything in a Christmas theme, why not play some Christmas baby shower bingo.

 See Examples Below.


The fun word scramble with a Christmas theme is sure to be fun, so set the timer and let your guests unscramble. The baby shower mix-up is another fun Christmas game to enjoy with your guests.

New: This exciting range of free printable baby shower game ideas has been expanded. Not only will you find all the fun Christmas games above, you will also find a brand new Christmas themed word search puzzle, tricky sudoku puzzles and a fun to play Christmas baby name game puzzle to.


Easter is the perfect time for a baby shower and you can enjoy yourself and make sure everyone else does by using some of the Easter themed baby shower games we offer here. Four different printables are available to you.

 See Examples Below.


Enjoy Easter baby shower mix-up, the Easter Scramble, exciting Easter baby shower bingo and even a cute baby animal matching game. You’ll find that each free printable baby shower game comes with instructions, so it’s easy to figure everything out before the shower starts.

As you will see, we offer a superb selection of fun printable baby shower game ideas for you to print out and play for your baby shower party day. All the printable baby shower games are totally free for you to use. So please, if you see a selection of games that you like, go ahead and print them out for your party day.