For a fun way to build and create your rubber duck baby shower theme, we have put together a superb selection of ducky themed ideas that you may like to use for your baby shower duck theme party day.

This wonderful page offers lots of free printables.

You will find brand new duck baby shower invitations, the invitations have been fully updated with cute ducky theme designs and are totally free for you to use.

The ducky themed poems are brand new too.

The poems offer the same adorable designs as the invitations above and can be printed out instantly.

You will even find free printable rubber duck baby shower menu templates for baby boys, girls and neutral themed menu templates too.

Along with the superb selection of free printables above, we also offer a printable duck themed baby shower banner and a fun selection of ducky theme game ideas that you could use to create your baby shower theme of choice.

I really hope you enjoy the rubber duck baby shower theme ideas we have put together here for you. Have lots of fun on your very special party day.

Please note: The free rubber duck baby shower themed printables are for home use only. Please do not take them if you intend to use them for anything else. Just to make you aware, I monitor the site on a regular basis for any misuse of the content / images and PDF files found throughout this site.


This bright and colorful range of rubber duckie themed invites offers are superb selection for you to choose from. The invitations can be totally personalized with your own rubber duck baby shower wording ideas and it’s easy to do to.



Simply select the invitation you like the best and add your own wording into the text box fields provided on screen. Your invitation will update on screen with the new wording added, you can now view the invitation and if you like it, place you order. That’s it, it’s as easy as that.


You may want to consider making your own invitation complete with little rubber ducks on it. This is easy to do, especially with the free clip art that you can find on the internet today.

Adding some beautiful confetti in the shape of ducks to the invitation is a great idea.

Another cool idea for the invitation is to purchase actual rubber ducks. Write all the invitation information right on the duck using a Sharpie or you can attach the information to the duck as well with some ribbon.

Put the ducks in a box and mail them for an adorable invitation that your guests will enjoy keeping.


You will find brand new rubber ducky theme design templates “Right Here”. The invitation templates have been updated and now offer three sets of templates within each category, baby boy, girl and neutral theme ducky invitation template sets too.

See Examples Below


All the templates are quick and easy to print. You can print out as many as you like, their all completely free for you to use.


To compliment the invitations above, you will also find matching themed ducky invitation poems here too. The poem templates have the same adorable designs as the invitations, you will now be able to run the same cute designs from your invitations thru to your ducky themed poems too.



All the poems can still be taken straight from screen if you want to simply jot the poems down instead of printing them out. I really hope you find the poems useful and don’t forget, their all free for you to use as and when you need them.


Want to add that extra splash to your ducky themed party day. Then this superb selection of free printable rubber ducky themed menu templates may just send you quackers.

Yes, this fun range offers four duck baby shower menu templates for you to print out and use for your duckilicious themed party celebrations. You will find baby boy and girl duck templates along with two neutral themed menu templates too.

See Examples Below


The templates are so easy to use. Just print them off, write in your menu selection then pop a menu on each place setting for your baby shower party guests to see as they sit down. Easy Peasy.


There are plenty of great rubber duck decorating ideas that you can use to make everything look great for the baby shower.

For the color scheme, you’ll probably want to go with blues, yellows, and a bit of green.

Consider finding some rubber duck balloons to have around and use all the rubber ducks you can find around the area to decorate.

It’s pretty easy to find paper goods with rubber duck themes, such as cups, table covers and even napkins. Consider purchasing a baby tub, filling it with some water, and floating little baby rubber ducks in it for a centerpiece.

Use plenty of duck confetti on your tables as well.

Add a floral touch with pale blue and yellow flowers in vases as well, which will give the shower a bit of elegance. Another fun baby shower idea is to find an inflatable tub in the shape of a duck. Fill it up with ice and use it to keep drinks cool.


For a great way to decorate your party venue, add in this fun loving ducky themed party banner. The banner offers all the letters you need to create a banner that spells out DUCKY SHOWER when all the letters are printed out.

The banner is a free printable and can be used as many times as you like for your party day.


Of course, you are going to want to have some activities and games to keep the party going. Not sure what activities and games to use? Here are a few fun games that you can enjoy playing at a shower with a Rubber Duck theme.


When you think of rubber ducks, often bubbles come to mind. Have some mini bottles of bubbles around. Give everyone a bottle and see who is able to blow the biggest bubbles. The one with the biggest bubble wins.


Of course, this is an old game, and for everyone but the mommy-to-be, who probably shouldn’t be running around, this can be a whole lot of fun.

Play Duck Duck Goose the traditional way, and you’ll be surprised how much fun everyone has. Just make sure you have plenty of room if you decide to use this activity.


Make up a sheet with Mother Goose Rhymes on it. Just leave out some of the information and have them fill in the blanks. For example:

  • “Little _________ has lost her sheep.”
  • Or “Peter, Peter ____________ had a wife but couldn’t keep her.”

Make up a whole sheet of these and decorate it with free rubber duck clip art. Print them out and have each guest complete the sheet in 3-5 minutes. See who gets the most right. Dub the winner “Mother Goose” for the rest of the party.


You may like this ducky themed baby shower game too.

This free printable ducky themed party game is sure to get all you party guests quacking like mad as they try to complete the game in super fast time.

The first team or individual player to find all the words in the word search grid WINS the ducky themed party trophy.

The printable word search puzzle includes all things baby related and offers adorable baby ducks as the main images throughout the game sheet.

To view and print the game, simply click on this ducky games link Right Here.

The game will open up in a new browser window for you, you can now view the game and print as many copies as you like. The games file also contains all the answers to the puzzle.

Hope the Baby Shower Duck Theme has given you some great ideas and tips to use for your rubber duck baby shower party day celebrations.