This rubber ducky baby shower poems page will really help to get your duck themed baby shower party off to a flying start.

All the poems have been totally updated with brand new ducky themed poem templates.

Each poem now offers a great selection of templates for you to choose from. You will find baby boy, girl and neutral themed ducky templates too.

The baby shower duck poems are very easy to view on screen.

Simply click the link directly below your poem of choice, a new browser window will open up for you with your selected baby shower poem inside.

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You can print out as many ducky poems as you like, all the poems are totally free for you to use for your baby shower party day. Hope you like them.



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Boy Ducky Shower Poems – 1
Little rubbery ducky
And bright and yellow
This is the theme we’ve chosen
To celebrate a new little fellow.

Bring a gift or two
And come for cake and more
We can’t wait for the baby shower
So at 5pm be at the door.




Ducky Shower Poems – 2
A splash of water
And hint of color
We’re celebrating a baby
With a rubber duck shower.

Come one come all
A new baby is on the way
So come and help us
Celebrate the special day.

There will be cake
And food and more
We’ll have some fun
And mom will have presents galore.




Ducky Shower Poems – 3
A new baby is on the way
A girl or boy, we just can’t say.

So we are having a shower
But we didn’t want trucks or flowers.

Instead we chose the rubber ducky theme
So bring some gifts and watch mom’s eyes gleam.




Girl Ducky Shower Poems – 4
A special shower will be held
For a new mom and dad.
It’s for a little girl
So make sure you come or we’ll be sad.

There is a very special theme
It’s all about a rubber duck
To help mom and dad out
And wish them lots of luck.




To compliment the ducky themed poems you will find a superb range of free printable rubber duck baby shower invitations here too.

The invitations page now offers new and exciting designs along with some of the old favourites too. You will find baby boy ducky invitations, baby girl and it’s a baby ducky themed invites that you can print out too.



Go on over and take a look, you may find the perfect ducky invite for your party day.