Surprise Baby Shower Theme

Planning a surprise baby shower, then you’re sure to love the babyshower ideas “Right Here”. Yep, this jam packed page is full of surprises.

You will find a great selection of free printable surprise babyshower invitation ideas, from boy and girl themed invites thru to neutral themed invitations too.

Surprise BabyShower Invitation

How about a surprise poem or two, then the free printable baby shower poems should do the trick.

Yep, we offer a full page of surprise themed poems that you can use for your surprise themed baby shower party day.

Want to go with personalized invites, then the babyshower invitation section is just for you.

You will find a wonderful range of shower invitation cards to choose from here and yes, they all have that surprise shower element in mind.

Want to take a look, great, just pop on down the page to find all the surprise babyshower ideas we have put together, hey, you may even find some more surprises along the way.

Hope you enjoy the surprise baby shower theme and have a superb baby shower party day.

Baby Shower Surprise Ideas


Personalized Surprise Baby Shower Invitations

Surprise Baby Shower Invites

Yep, planning a surprise baby shower is a lot of fun and of course the fun part is the surprise itself. Now the surprise element really needs to be kept under wraps from the mommy-to-be right from the start, so the invites need to clearly state that the baby shower party is a surprise.

No letting the cat out of the bag on this one.

This can easily be achieved with the great selection of surprise shower invitations “Right Here”. Yes, you will find a full page of babyshower invitation cards to choose from.

All the surprise themed cards can be personalized throughout and offer girl and boy cards along with neutral themed invitations too. Hope you like them.



Free Printable Shower Invitations

Ready for a surprise, then the surprise baby shower invitations here will really help to keep your baby shower plans well and truly under wraps.

Yep, you will find three pre-filled invitation designs to choose from here, baby boy and girl surprise cards and a neutral surprise themed card too. This adorable range of free printable shower invitation cards can be printed off immediately and as many times as you like.

Just select the one you would like to use, view the card on screen and print away, it’s as easy as that.


Surprise Shower Invites

Girl Surprise Baby Shower Invitations Its A Boy Surprise Baby Shower Invitations Its A Baby Surprise Shower Invitations

Take A Look – Surprise Themed Shower Invitations and template sets.



Surprise Baby Shower Poems

Surprise Baby Shower Poems

So what other surprises do we have in store, well, if you would like to include a surprised themed shower poem with your invites then follow me, yep, you really won’t be disappointed with the great selection of surprise themed poems we offer here.

And hey, not only will you find a superb range of surprise themed baby shower poems here, you will also notice that all the poems are free printables too. Yes, I know, how great is that.

Just swing on over to the surprise poems page, select a poem you like then view and print the poem off as many times as you like.

I really hope you enjoy all the poems here.



Surprise Baby Shower Decorations

Decorating for a surprise themed babyshower can be a whole lot of fun.

Definitely make sure you have a huge banner that says “Surprise” hanging up so she’ll see it when she walks in and you all shout “Surprise.”

Yep, just like the one below, this superb baby shower surprise banner is totally free for you to print off and use. You will find all the surprise themed letters you need in order to create a banner just like the one shown here.

Surprise Themed Baby Shower Banner

Simply print each letter off in turn; you will notice that each surprise letter states how many times the letter needs to be printed off to create this banner effect. Once all the letters are printed string them together and hang in a prominent place so mom can see it when she enters the room.

Alternatively, laminate each letter and use the banner outside, you could string it across the porch or maybe on the garage, you could even print two off and have one inside and one outside if you like.

You can use regular decorations, such as balloons, streamers, centerpieces, and themed paper products for the party.

Great theme ideas include baby animals, rubber ducks, Disney themes, sporty themes, jungle themes and more. In fact you will find a wide range of shower party themes “Right Here”. You can choose any theme you like for a surprise themed shower.


Party Theme Ideas

Jungle Safari Baby Shower Theme Rubber Duck Baby Shower Theme Boy Baby Shower Theme

Take A Look – BabyShower Party Theme Ideas


However, if you don’t have a specific theme in mind, consider going with traditional baby colors, such as pinks, blues, soft yellows, and pale greens.



Baby Shower Games

After the mom-to-be shows up for the surprise babyshower, you’ll probably want to go right into some fun games to keep the party going. Here are some great games to play for your shower themed party day.


Baby Memories

One great activity to use is sharing baby memories. Have everyone sit down and then go around the room.

Have each person share a memory of their babies when they were small. If they have no children, they can share memories from their own childhood. This can be a lot of fun and is sure to bring a lot of laughs.


How Many Diaper Pins

A simple game is to fill up a jar with as many diaper pins as you can. Count them as you put them in. Pass the jar around throughout the party. Have everyone submit their guess as to how many pins are in the jar.

The person who guesses closet to the actual number wins.


Name the Baby Items

Make up a tray with various baby items. Include things like bottles, diaper pins, baby brush, baby comb, formula, blankets, washcloths, and more.

Give everyone about 20-30 seconds to look at the tray. After everyone has seen the tray, give them all a sheet of paper.

Have them write down all the things on the tray within 1 minute. The person who is able to list the most items on the tray wins.


Free Printable Baby Shower Games

Want to print and play, then you will find a great selection of free printable baby shower game ideas here. From baby shower bingo games for baby boys, girls and neutral themed bingo games thru to sporty games, jungle games, baby boy and girl games, under the sea games, Noah’s Ark games and more.

Yep, all the games are totally free for you to enjoy. Have fun.


Baby Shower Games



Tasty Food Choices

There are many different food choices that are great for a surprise baby shower.

A cake is definitely a must. Have the bakery write something like this: “Surprise! Congratulations Mary (name of mom to be).”

Of course, you’ll want more than just cake. Come up with festive food choices, depending on the time of day you’re holding the shower. Mini sandwiches are great party foods, as are mixed nuts and crackers. Add some cookies and other baby themed foods.



You may like this great selection of baby shower cake toppers too. This is just a small selection of toppers available; you can choose from over a hundred themes and personalize the cake toppers too.

You could add the words Surprise Baby Shower on the topper or any wording ideas that you have in mind.