Twin Baby Shower Poem Ideas

Want a poem or two, then this superb selection of twin baby shower poem (s) are just for you. Yep, you will find double bubble twin shower poems “Right Here”.

Twins BabyShower Poems

But hey, not only that, you really do get a two for one deal. Yes, not only can you read the twin themed poems from screen, you can print them off too. How doublelicious is that.

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Please Note: The twin baby shower poem ideas here are for home use only. Yep, the twin themed poems may be doublelicious, but I can assure you, these little beauties really know how to throw a tantrum or two, and they will, if they find any material from this page being used for commercial gain or offered elsewhere as free printables. Do not do this.





Twin Baby Shower Poem (s)


From 12 until 2 we have something special to do.
We are planning a shower for mom and babes too.
That’s right, you heard it and it is for real.
This baby shower is now a 2 for 1 deal.
The news is just out, so let everyone in
Yep, this time our shower is in honor of twins.
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the poem in your browser.


2 babes in pink or 2 dressed in blue
We still do not know just what colors will do.
The baby shower is for twins it is true
And whatever gift you bring should be for 2.
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the poem in your browser.


Mom is having a girl and a boy,
It’s twins! What excitement, what fun, what joy.
Let’s all come and help the new Mom get ready for two
With this wonderful shower, where we hope to see you!
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the poem in your browser.


The new parents are happy, delighted and thrilled
Their nursery and home is soon to be filled.
They rolled the baby dice and it came up double
So watch out new parents cause twins can be trouble.
When one baby sleeps, the other will cry
They surely can bid long nights of restful slumber “Goodbye”.
So before their twin bundles of joy arrive
We are having this baby shower from 1 until 5.
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Come with us and celebrate
The blessed news for Paul and Kate.
Their baby blessing is coming as a pair
That one crib they have will have to be shared.
The happy family is about to expand
As they add twins to their family band.
Come to this shower for babies 2
And please bring a gift either pink, green or blue.
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the poem in your browser.


Bottles, Toys, Diapers and Bubbles,
Twins are coming and the Joy now Doubles.
We are helping the new Mom before they arrive
By planning a surprise baby shower from 1 to 5.
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the poem in your browser.

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