Twins Baby Shower Poems

Twins baby shower poems, and what a superb selection you will find “Right Here”. Yep, the double trouble baby shower squad have put together this awesome range of baby shower poems that you could use for your twin themed baby shower party day.

Twins BabyShower Poems

But hey, the twins baby shower invite wording ideas here, well, they really are something special.

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Twins Baby Shower Poems


ABC and 123, Mom is having twins
And she is happy as can be.
She is doubling the pleasure and doubling the fun
With the bonus of two babies instead of just 1.
Before things get so busy we want this new family
To be honored at this baby shower from 12 until 3.
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Check your calendar once and then check it again.
We are planning a baby shower for brand new twins.
It’s true; the announcement has already been made
2 babies are arriving for Mike and Jade.
Please come to the party and let’s all have fun
Sharing the happiness from 10 until 1.
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If babies were lotteries then the new parents win,
Cause they are expecting a set of twins.
They are happy, they’re excited and so are we,
And the shower for these babies will be from 12 until 3.
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One bundle in pink and one in blue,
My goodness! What is a Mom supposed to do?
Her hands will be full and so will her lap,
Unless both babies can be coaxed to take a nap.
We are planning a party before these 2 infants arrive
And it will be held from 3 until 5.
Please bring a baby gift for each bundle of joy,
And welcome their birth with clothes or a toy.
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1 baby is a blessing from the skies above,
And twins bring double the joy and love.
Mom and Dad are happy and so excited too,
Their prayers have been answered with not one babe, but 2.
We are going to have a special baby shower to honor these new twins,
And we want to share this time with family and friends.
Please come and have some fun with us, we will greet you at the door,
The hours for the shower are on Saturday from 1 until 4.
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It’s amazing, it’s exciting, and it really is true.
Instead of just one little angel, there are going to be 2.
Twins for mom and dad to love,
A real blessing from above.
We must make this shower great!
The day is Sunday , from 5 till 8.
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Pink and blue, yellow and green,
All colors for babies yet unseen.
This time it’s twins, isn’t that fine?
2 babies on which the stars will shine.
We can show Mom how much we really care
With this baby twin shower full of dolls and bears.
Please come to the party and have some fun,
This Saturday only from 10 until 1.
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Twins Baby Shower Poems – With A Thank You In Mind

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