Under The Sea Baby Shower Games

Under the sea baby shower games, want to splash with the best, well now you can with this superb selection of ocean baby shower games “Right Here”. Yep, get ready to dive, dive, dive as we prepare to go down deep to unearth some awesome sea themed baby shower treasures.

And boy oh boy, what have we got here, yes, not one, not two, but three fun babyshower games for you to play. Yep, all the creative sea themed baby shower games would fit in perfectly with a nautical baby shower themed party celebration.

But hold up a minute, these hidden treasures have something more to offer, oh yes they do. Not only are they great games to play, their free baby shower games too.

Yep, I know, how fantastic is that, simply select the underwater baby shower game or games you would like to play and follow the link instructions directly beneath your games of choice.

Once the treasure chest is opened, whoops I meant to say once the link is clicked a new browser window will open up for you with your sea themed game inside. You can now view and print your little gems off.

If you like the games and want to play please give the files a little time to open, the sea critter images contained within the games can sometimes make the files open slowly, but hey, they really are worth the wait, just wait and see. Happy playing.

Under The Sea Baby Shower Counting Game

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This fun to play sea critters game will drive your baby shower guests potty, yep, see all those friendly sea critters just happily bobbing along, well, your party guests must count each and every one of them and come up with the correct number of sea critters found within the game.

Want to put the pressure on, why not time the game, you’ll soon see who the dive master is as your guest’s frantically count to win the game.

Hey, don’t worry though, no one will be able cheat, we’ve totted up the sea critters for you, you’ll find the answer sheet at the bottom of this sea critters file.

Click here to view and print the game in your browser.



Sea Critters Baby Shower Scramble Game

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How about a little nautical scramble, yep, this creative party game ticks all the boxes. It’s fun to play and fits in perfectly with an under the sea baby shower themed party day.

But hey, your baby shower guests will have to be quick, quick, quick if they want to be the first to WIN.

They must quickly unravel the sea critter words contained in the list, do you think they are up for the challenge, well, lets find out.

Just click on the babyshower games link below to view and print the sea critters baby shower scramble game here.

Hey, just in case your guests need a helping hand, you will find all the answers to game within the file. Happy playing.

Click here to view and print the game in your browser.


Name The Sea Critters Game

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What about this NEW ocean themed baby shower game.

Yep, your baby shower guests must dive, dive, dive right down to the bottom of the sea if they want to win this under the sea baby shower game.

Your baby shower party guests need to fill in the grid with as many sea critters that they can think of. Sounds easy, well lets see what your baby shower guests think.

This creative sea critters baby game includes a full list of sea critter ideas, but hey, no cheating allowed, the list is just for fun. Enjoy.

Click here to view and print the
under the sea baby shower game in your browser.



Ocean Baby Shower Invitations

The nautical baby shower theme ideas just don’t stop.

We really have been all at sea with this fantastic selection of free printable ocean baby shower invitation ideas here.

Yep, this superb range offers three pre-filled invites and three matching themed templates too.


Sea Critters Baby Shower Invitation - Boy Sea Critters Baby Shower Template - Boy Sea Critters Baby Shower Invitation - Neutral
Sea Critters Baby Shower Invitation Template - Neutral Sea Critters Baby Shower Invitation - Girl Under The Sea Baby Shower Invitation Template - Girl


The blank sea themed baby shower templates have been designed to compliment the main sea critter invitation sets and are ideal to use as under the sea baby shower thank you notes.

Hey, you can even create your own sea themed invitations with them if you like, just add your wording to them and they’ll be good to go.

Hope you like the fun designs we have put together here. Have fun.